Juniper network sees tremendous broadband growth in Asia

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    Juniper sees tremendous broadband growth in Asia

    BANGKOK, Thailand – With the lowest installation of legacy copper wire lines in the world, Asia is expected to experience tremendous growth in broadband connectivity in the next few years, wide area network equipment manufacturer Juniper Network has said.

    This growth trend is present only in the consumer broadband services typically requiring only a 512-MB digital subscriber line connection, but the usually conservative enterprise market is slowly taking up demand in an effort to improve consumer service.

    Countries like India, Japan, China, and South Korea are among the models of such a growth trend.

    “Asian countries are particularly lucky so they won't have to worry so much about replacing or upgrading legacy line installations. That is why they are early adopters to new technologies and the services that go with [them],” says Adam Judd, Asia Pacific vice president for Juniper Network.

    The vertical development of buildings -- a choice of Asian realtors -- also affects the deployment of new broadband infrastructure because it is easier and more cost-effective to lay network cables for buildings rather than horizontal structures, says Judd. Seeing the potential of buildings wired for communication, real estate developers include accessible line layout in their development.

    Judd adds that Asian telecommunications carriers are also starting to upgrade current network infrastructure to “intelligent” layer 3 networks -- fiber optic lines that can offer a range of services like voice-over-IP, video-on-demand, and other data services. New managed service offerings are also opening opportunities for the telecommunications carriers.

    Although carriers are looking to new revenue streams other than existing voice services, Judd urged them to focus more on improving customer loyalty by providing value-added services on top of current ones at a minimal cost. He adds that telecommunications carriers must also focus on improving data security for their network in order to convince enterprises to migrate to newer network technologies.

    Judd said Juniper's Asia Pacific operations accounted for 30 percent of their 1.3 billion dollars in revenues in 2004. He noted that Juniper is also investing 350 million dollars for research and development in 2005, a larger portion of which will go to their R&D and engineering operations in India, China, and Malaysia.

    “Asia is such a major market for broadband technologies that we're focusing on building products catering to Asia,” he noted.

    First posted 10:29pm (Mla time) June 06, 2005
    By Alexander F. Villafania
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    hello...can i acquire inernet connection using a skydsl kasi and lugar namin ay walang sevice pa ng telepono kaya hindi ako maka subscribe ng dsl connection

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