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Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by raphaelf, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Hello, everyone!

    I'd like to know if anyone here has also some problems with the Aztech DSL605E that Globelines Broadband just provided us last week?


    1. Intermittent connection, napuputol, and if ever nadisconnect, I have to enter the modem's setting in the browser to reconnect it OR I have to repair the LAN connection.

    2. Once in a while I check the modem settings, and oftentimes I get a different name other than my name in the username and password, and the downstream and upload stream settings are also different depending on the name that was on the username field.

    3. Once in a while, I also get redirected to the Globelines Prepaid Portal Login even if I have been subscribed as a postpaid subscriber, and I cannot anymore surf the internet if I get redirected to that Portal. The only solution I can do is to manually disconnect and reconnect again or even reboot the modem (restore to default) to get back the internet.

    Before the Aztech, I had the Siemen's Speedstream modem and I had no problems with the connection. I wished I had not changed that modem, but how would I know those would be the problems if I won't be using it, di ba?

    Does anyone have any experience with this modem, and if so, any config solutions that you might share? The one I'm using now has already replaced the first Aztech modem I had and it still has the same problem. Have already called CS again for a few days now but no tech yet has visited my place. I'm planning to buy na lang a modem, also any suggestions where can I purchase a DSL modem? I'm residing in Mandaue City, Cebu.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might offer...
  2. badrra

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    Whats the nature ng pag disconnect? Is the modem loosing sync? or Intermitent yung pag surf? Also, strange how the uid/pwd changes. Kasi yung gamit ko I save it to flash so the uid/pwd does not change even if I restart the modem. But in your case, the profile is changing. So from post paid to pre paid and back. That could be the reason why your loosing connection.

    Possible that others are using it. Not sure though how you are set up. But try solving the uid/pwd first, that might solve the intermitent connection. Not unless it is an intermitent sync issue. That requires a different approach. BTW why did the tech change it?
  3. Unwired

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    You better call Globe to send a serviceman.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions...

    The technician changed it because, as he said, the modem might have been affected by lightning that happened the night before.

    Just an update, I think I might have solved a bit by changing my DNS address to the OpenDNS servers, and

    My actual setup now is INTERNET --> MODEM --> Linksys WAP54G --> PC through a Netgear Wireless LAN PCI and I also use a Palm TX through its built-in WiFi. But the same problem occurs when I use a LAN cable. My setup with the Speedstream is the same as above which had no problems.

    What I've observed just recently is that when I use the Palm TX, the Prepaid Globelines Portal pops up immediately. The IP / DNS settings are in automatic mode, but when I changed the DNS setting on the Palm, I can surf the internet without any problem.

    I'll try borrowing my neighbor's modem, a Speedstream, then I'll check the connection again.
  5. badrra

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    You can also try bridged ethernet on the modem and do the PPPoE on the Linksys router (I assume wireless is secured). Di ko gets yung effect ng DNS hehehe but if you can surf then thats ok.

  6. Just an update on this problem

    After several minutes of surfing with my Palm TX, the Globelines Prepaid Portal came back with a vengeance. :cry:

    Thanks, badrra, I'll try your advice tomorrow and following up again the technician...

    Isn't there a violation of privacy if you can see somebody's username and their Ethernet and DSL MAC addresses?

    Checking the different usernames in my modem setting, I also found out that their MAC addresses are different from mine, and this means that I'm using somebody else's profile, and somebody as well is using mine...

    Are there hacking issues once you know the MAC addresses of these persons such as a Denial of Service or something else? :idea:
  7. badrra

    badrra Member

    Yes your absolutely right

  8. Just an update

    Since my last post until yesterday, I patiently waited for Globelines to have a technician check out my connection in our house, then last Wednesday, 29 October 2008, I went to my neighbor's house and borrowed their Speedstream 4200, after hooking up the modem, I immediately regained my internet connection, and when I put back the Aztech modem, I lost again my connection. I concluded that the modem was really the culprit.
    I called up Customer Service and gave a "report" on what I learned from that and I specifically told them to replace my modem to the Speedstream. The next day, a technician visited our house and after doing some routine diagnostic procedures plus some tinkering on the Aztech modem's settings, he went back to his bag and took out a second-hand Speedstream. In a matter of minutes I got back my internet connection. Now, the only problem is that the modem is second-hand and therefore likely to conk out anytime (cross my fingers), so now I'm looking for a backup modem, just in case. Are there any suggested modems I can purchase? I'm now looking at CDR-King's Encore ADSL2+ modem costing around 1,000 pesos, any advise on this?

  9. the same exact thing happened to me with this modem.. sus.. kakaconnect lang ng new dsl line ko today.. sakit sa ulo agad.. tatawag cguro ako sa kanila tommorrow.. ano bayan.. perwisyo rin yan sa ibang tao kasi ma log out rin yung connection nila pag login sa modem mo.. kaya intermittent yata kasi pag mag attempt sila ng login eh mawawala naman yung connection mo.. grrrr...

  10. Thats a line problem.

    I have changed from AZTECH to Encore back and forth with D524 and D604, just playing around these items. wala akong na encounter na problema.

    MTU: 1452 <-- parang mas stable sa DF

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