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  1. tobarret

    tobarret Member

    Guys, anyone know how can i improved my ratio in ipt? Do i need a software? hilig ko kasi mag DL then cut and paste sa external HD. Paturo naman. Tnx
  2. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    to improve your ratio you need to upload, simple as that. and you cant upload if you immediately cut (cut is defined as a copy folowed by deleting the original) the downloaded file para hindi na accessible sa torrent app mo

    so after downloading, LEAVE the file there and keep the torrent app running
  3. tobarret

    tobarret Member

    I try to upload but it says "you are not authorized to upload torrents".... I still have seed files in my utorrent, does it mean hayaan ko muna mag seed till tumaas yung ratio ko?
  4. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    yup,leave all the files seeding/sharing. do not delete them.
    you'll gain bonus points, and you can exchange them for upload credits.

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