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  1. Can I change my IP address to static I am subscribed to 768 kbps
  2. mjay

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    Bayantel does not provide any static IP Address for home plan. Except if you are in a business plan thats when they will give you a static IP Address.
  3. azneita

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    i second that.

  4. bayantel gave me static IP, im a home user.

    try to request for a static IP upon application of your dsl.
    but if your dsl is already installed, i think its impossible to swich from dynamic to static per their policies

  5. bakit ako homeplan pero static.. ^_^

  6. Homeplan, static IP here. You don't get SOD though when your IP's static. :)
  7. mjay

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    They will only give you static ip address if your connection is having problems upon installation or any connection troubles. But still you don't get any SOD for static ip address.
  8. vonskiee

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    try ko request static ip mmya. dc dc pppoe ko.. :D sana pede..
  9. vonskiee

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    From CSDIP:

    Good day,

    Thank you for supporting Bayan Telecommunications. I am sorry to tell you that we only give Dynamic IP (PPPOE) for SkyDSL packages. If you want static IP, you need to upgrade your account to NetBasic, NetValue, Netpremium or NetPRO packages.

    Thank you very much for bearing with us. Should you have any other questions or concerns, we are always available to assist you. Please call us anytime.

    Best regards,

  10. They only offer PPPoE with SkyDSL Packages. If you want a static IP, tell them you want a standalone connection and not a package. :) I don't even know about any of these things when i filed my application form. I only learned later on that I'm on a static IP when I started demanding for my SOD which I thought wasn't working properly for me. My IP's 210.4.28.XX. So yeah, it's possible to get a static IP. I'm not so sure though if it's still being offered today. <3

  11. i'm also a home user and on static ip since i requested for it when i applied. di pa uso kasi yung SOD noon and i never liked PPPoE then. after 2 waves of speed upgrades static pa rin ip ko.
  12. treborhon

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    Pag static ip mo di mo na kailangan ng username at password sa router config? just the ip add? whats the advantage of this?
  13. nietzsche88

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    static IP would be useful when you'd be running your own network servers. like maghost ka ng FTP/HTTP/game server, or you want to connect to your own machine for remote control etc. it will be *easier* to set these things up if you have a static IP. although its still possible to run the above-mentioned services if you have a dynamic IP (usual PPPoE) but would require a little more work.hehe in terms of speed its just the same.

    isa pa if you have static IP (not via PPPoE) then you could always be connected (theoretically of course unless your modem/router hangs up or your ISP has a problem), no DHCP lease time expiration..hehe

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