IP Address.... How do you trace it?

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  1. Help please... I don't know how to trace the IP address? Is it possible for people to have multiple IP addresses? Thanks
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    proxies can totally obscure/jumble your ip address

    dial up and other dynamic ip address ISP's have a different IP address after hanging up and re connecting

    My old PLDT DSL had several changes in IP address over the years (2000-2008)

    some ISP's like the many smart bro plans have shared IP address. Either everybody using the same cellsite has the same IP add or one ip add for the entire phils in a worst case scenario.

    I've tried tracing my IP and I get a meatspace address which corresponds to my ISP's business office, > 70 km away

  3. If you want to trace your IP just google it and type my ip then choose one of them.
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    imagine if nakapasa ang mala spanish inquisition laws na montik nang ipasa sa europe. Yung if you are accused of music or software piracy 3x, everyone in your house will be forever banned from the net.

    Take note, ACCUSED not PROVEN. There are some noob judges and even some noob lawyers in the employ of media companies who think that an IP address is as good as a fingerprint. I've even heard of a laser printer that was given its won IP address on a company network and the laser printer was sued for music piracy.


    so surfing on the net via a public hotspot or a net cafe is one way of covering your tracts. Keeping your router unencrypted is one method of establishing "plausible deniability", if you know what i mean.

  6. hi visit ip-details.com here they provide ip search tool which help you find location of the ip address and other information like country ,Latitude, Longitude at free of cost.I hope it will be helpful to you.

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