Invites in IPTorrents Dot Com

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    Invites in IPTorrents Dot Com


    no reply means not deserving to have an ipt account..
    first come first serve policy.

    instructions how to obtain an IPT account.

    1. read and understand the instructions carefully.
    2. post all the requirements here in the message board(this is the first thing you should do) Reminder: DON'T post your e-mail add immediately. if you do this act automatically we will not give you an IPT account.
    3. wait for a reply. a member will ask your email add. the member(giver of an invite) should post first "ygpm" in this thread and after that the giver will ask your e-mail thru pm.(why we should post "ygpm" para po maiwasan natin yung dobleng pagbigay ng account sa himihingi.. once na may magpost ng ypgm yaan na natin siya magbigay ng invite sa humihingi.)
    4. say thanks after having an invite in IPT

    instructions to the giver of an invite.

    1. don't give your invite to someone immediately. we should see first the requirements..
    2. read the 3rd statement above


    ~a clear screenshot of your torrent client ratio, .500 above
    ~a screenshot of your ratio in your favorite torrent sites, 1.0 above
    ~a member here in PDSL with 30 posts above and 2 weeks old here in PDSL.
    ~3 sample speedtest results, a decent upload speed is a must.. Minimum upload speed requirement is 30 KB/s(kilobyte/sec), (please test your speed at ... ctDefaults just please copy and paste the "link for later reference" url into the box where it says speed test link.) or you can also test your speed at, please test your speed in 3 different servers.

    AGAIN just post all the REQUIREMENTS in this thread NOT your email add



    Warning to all Hit 'N' Runners

    Due to the increased number of Hit 'N' Runs we are seeing on the site we are installing a newly coded
    ' H&R Punisher'

    Every time you hit and run the system will detect this and automatically deduct
    5GB from your upload total.

    For clarification - we determine a hit 'n' run as the following:

    a. Any downloaded torrent not seeded back to a minimum ratio of 0.6 (60% of the download size)
    b. Any torrent not seeded for a minimum of 8 hours (if a. is not possible due to lack of leechers)

    Seeding back to a ratio of 1.0 is always preferred, however we do understand that this is not always possible, hence the minimum ratio per torrent of 0.6 or 8 hours seeding.

    This may mean you will loose your power user status, or if your ratio drops below 1.0 you will receive a ratio warning, or if your ratio drops below 0.2 you will lose the abilty to browse and download

    Hit 'n' Runs will be recorded on your profile and any user who records 3 Hit 'n' Runs will automatically be dropped to 'Peasant' status and lose the ability to browse or download.

    IPT Staff or 'The helpdesk' will not respond to any PM's saying 'sorry, I will not do it again' thats it - Game Over!

    With Immediate effect, only users with a ratio of less than 1.0 will be automatically monitored by the system.

    Users with a ratio above 1.0 will not be monitored, but we request them to seed back as long as they can.
    if we find any user with ratio above 1.0 hit n running too much, we will disable their account without warning

    You Have Been Warned!

    Bloomster2 - IPT Staff


    Ratio Warning Policy

    Attention All Users. Ratio warning policy is as follows:

    Any user with a Ratio below 1.0 will receive an unlimited time warning.

    Any user with a Ratio below 0.2 will be banned without warning.

    Remember seed what you leech and you will not get a warning / ban

    IPTorrents Administrator

    Banned Torrent Clients

    Dear users,

    Following the recent upgrade to our new source code, the following torrent clients are now banned.

    All BitComet up to v5.x
    BitLord 1.1
    Nova Torrent
    Older Azureus versions
    utorrent 1.7.5 (fake version)

    The following torrent clients are permitted

    Azureus (Vuze)
    Azureus (Vuze)
    Azureus (Vuze)
    BitTorrent 6.0
    Halite 0.2.9

    KDE3 (KTorrent 2.2.4)
    uTorrent 1.6.1
    uTorrent 1.7.6
    µTorrent 1.8 Candidate 6

    Not recommended

    UTorrent 1.7.7 - Several other trackers have banned this client for reporting bad data to the tracker - please avoid this version - it may lead to problems for you if we have to ban it.

    Beta versions may appear on this list as tested, but they are not recommended, if you use a beta version and your stats are not updated properly then dont complain to us.
    Stick with the tried and trusted releases and you should not have any problems

    IPT Bonus Points Update

    Dear Members,

    In response to the your reaction regarding the changes to the bonus points system,
    we have reviewed the situation and amended the cost of exchanging bonus points as follows:

    1GB Upload = 120 points

    3GB Upload = 330 points

    10GB Upload = 1000 points

    3 Invites = 600 points

    Custom Title = 250 points

    Best Regards

    Attention All Users. is pleased to announce a new service for all our Members.

    We are now able to offer you a Free, Unlimited Bandwidth image hosting service.

    Thats right, forget your tinyPic, Imageshack or your Photobucket type sites where you have a limited amount of bandwidth unless you pay for more.

    IPT is providing Unlimted Bandwidth for all your images, upload them once, copy the unique URL and link to it anywhere you like.

    And the name of this new site is

    Lookpic™ is a fast, simple and reliable image hosting site that you can use to share your experiences.
    There is no registration or log-in required, simply submit your picture.
    That makes it the perfect site for linking to®, eBay®, Orkut scrapbooks, message boards,forums, blogs, journals, e-mail, IM, and other websites.

    Best of all: its FREE and we do not Limit Bandwidth or Remove images.

    How it works is you upload your image and we provide you with a simple URL that is guaranteed to be unique.
    It will point to your, and only your, image. You can then copy and paste the link that we provide to share your pictures on your favorite sites all�
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  3. greekolo

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    6 invites left..

    reserved kay nebuchadnezzarr ang isa.

  4. [​IMG]




    ui reserverd pa talaga... hehe thanks!
  5. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    pre ygpm..:D

    6 invites left..
  6. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Member

    Thanks greekolo....
  7. oenone

    oenone Member

    could i ask for an invite


  8. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    i can give you sir if you post the requirements above and if you pass the 2 requirements.
  9. jonzyx

    jonzyx Member




    pasensya na hindi ko ma ipost ang utorrent ko kasi naka deep freeze ako
    kaya nabubura yung mga download at upload ratio ko dun

  10. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    pre wala clear na screenshot sa demonoid? syado maliit eh..
  11. NinjaSix

    NinjaSix Member

    Magandang tracker ang IPTorrent. Hindi ito basta basta nag oopen sign up. Medjo late lang and pretimes nya pero maganda and ratio ng seeders and leechers. First tracker ko to ( galing din ke pareng greekolo yung invite ). Magandang tracker to kung from public trackers eh nagbabalak kang mag private trackers. Pero ingat, may ratio na kailangang ingatan. Otherwise ban ka. Musta na pareng greekolo :lol: . Mejo long time no see sir. :)
  12. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    hello pareng ninjasix.. btw ganda ng avatar ah. hehe... :D ... medyo busy ata tayo ngyon ah bihira ka magpost.. hehe....

    tama si ninjasix.. and kaya medyo strict ako sa pamimigay kasi sayang naman kung mababan yung bibigay ko lang na account.. ang katumbas kasi ng isang invite eh.. almost 3 gigabyte of upload.. sayang naman di ba kung mawawala lang siya.. kung ganun lang din naman mangyayari dagdag ko na lang siya sa share ratio ko.. heheh...
  13. jonzyx

    jonzyx Member


    bro na edit ko na pa check na lang ulit yung ratio
  14. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member

    ninjasix PtN ba yang avatar mo?
  15. NinjaSix

    NinjaSix Member


    pwede ba yun pare? na idadagdag yung invites para lumaki ang share ratio? Pano, kase meron 5 invites ngayon. 4 Gb na lang eh magiging poweruser na ako. Turo naman ser. Syangpala. Oo medyo nawala ako d2. Naging active kase ako sa isang P2P forum na based sa UK yung mga moderator. In less than a month tumaas ang ranko ko dun kaya binigyan nila ako ng mga high profile trackers like Torrentleech, SCC, Waffles, Blackcats, etc... :lol:

    @ bhovoi

    sir may alam ako na website kung eh napakadami ng avatars. Dun ko ito nakuha. Di ko alam kung pede ipaste dito yung url. PM moko sir kung interesado ka at send ko sayo yung web url. Thanks
  16. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Member

    Guys ang onti talaga ng leechers dun paano ko kaya mapapataas agad yung ratio ko? Ano ba yung mga sinashare niyo dun na mataas na upload speed?
  17. NinjaSix

    NinjaSix Member

    @ Yojimbo

    ser partial seeding ka po. grab ka ng fresh torrent kahit yung di mo gusto. basta maraming seeders and leechers. tapos wag mo iDDL yung entire torrent. DL mo lang mga dalawang winrar files neto. tapos iwan mo lang to sa harddrive at iseed mo for 2 - 3 weeks. dirediretso upload mo nun. gawin mo to at least mga 2 - 3 torrent. Angat ang upload stats mo kaagad. worked for me kaya suggestion lang po :wink:
  18. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Member

    Okay sir try ko, thanks...
  19. greekolo

    greekolo Member


    hindi pwede convert yung invites sa upload.. nagbase lang ako dun sa mga bonus... 600 points 3 invites 150 points 2.5 gig.. dun lang ako nagbase kunting math.. pre ygpm
  20. NinjaSix

    NinjaSix Member

    ah ok.. tama ganyan din gawa ko. kaya ko kase may iba pang way. hehehe nwei thanks pare. Hintay hintay ka lang. pag naging poweruser ako sa TL, automatic sayo yung isa. :p

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