(Invite Trade) Looking for Blackcat-Games

Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by jello900, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Guys anyone has an invite for blackcat-games? Desperately need one. Im willing to trade my invite for HD-torrents.org+Demonoid for one invite into Blackcat-torrents

    PM me if anyone has one

  2. ohh kawawa ka naman.. :))
  3. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    Bcg is one of the hardest trackers to enter.. good luck.
    And I jello900 would continue to post (and not Hnr)
  4. bhovoi

    bhovoi Member

    Walang papayag sa ini offr mo..kht libo libo pang invite s demonoid at hd torrents e walang patapat yn s BCG.. Naaalala ko before may account din ako jn but napabayaan ko lng nung maging busy sa work...halos umabot na nga q sa level 10 dhli meron n qng level 9 n prvate tracker...ang BCG pang 4 lng sya noon..ewan ko lng kung anong level na yan ngaun..
  5. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    according to filesharefreak.com, level 4 ang bcg bhovoi', level sila ng Tranceroute and Waffles. one level higher than TL,Scc, Revtt (lev 3)
  6. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    BCG Stats

    mahirap makakuwa ng BCG accounts. makita nga lang yung real webpage nila dang hirap na eh. hehe..

  7. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    anu ba maganda dyan?

    Basta ako kung anu lg available at maraming seeder ok na..tapos seed ko lg..Sometmes it takes months until I scrape one..

    What the hek,, http://www.blackcats-games.net/
  8. kebloks

    kebloks Member

    You can still DL old/rare games - sipag mag-seed mga tao dito.
    Easy seed points - just seed for about approx. 3 days and your ratio will be 1 even if no one is leeching!

    Very strict

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