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  1. The BitTorrent Inc. made a huge step this past spring when added a new Idea Bank section to their website. The section provides the public with an opportunity to vote for new features they want in uTorrent. This brought good results and dozens of new additions have been made. Below you can find more major additions you can look forward to.

    Pretty much everyone participating in file-sharing knows that uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients chosen by over 50 million users throughout the globe. Since the BitTorrent Inc. has introduced the new section of suggestions, it received hundreds of them, being voted on by thousands of users. So far about 60 proposals have already been accepted and introduced by the team of developers, with many more pending. The list below includes the most popular accepted additions coming soon.

    Share only while the PC is idle
    Although many users are used to share files all the time, the others prefer to use their bandwidth for other tasks while they are using a machine. This option will make it able to kick in file-sharing when a user has finished his work.

    Client for Linux
    It was reported this past June that Linux client is already on the way. The developers promise to satisfy this most popular request soon enough.

    Email notification of a completed download
    Today, with bandwidth expanding rapidly, downloads are completed faster than ever before. However, they are often completed when the users are away from their computers. Now the completion can be reported immediately through email.

    Password lock
    A good feature for those using a shared computer or having inquisitive children. Using a password, the file-sharing can be continued in full scale and in privacy, no matter who is at the machine.

    Virus check after download completed
    While there’s almost no chance to catch a virus using uTorrent and a torrent indexing website with good reputation, an automatic virus check won’t ever harm.

    Detailed priorities for multiple files
    Those frequently downloading music albums know that it’s not quite convenient to prioritize the torrents containing multiple files, especially when there are dozens in one torrent, with just 3 settings – high, medium and low. Now the developers promise to work it out and either include an option allowing to auto-prioritize the files in order or add about 16 priorities to the list.

    Go this site to suggest your own features

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