I n eed legal advise regarding bayantel :(

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by Annie Kittie, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. hi guys, i am currently a bayantel and smartbro subscriber. i been w/ smartbro for 3-4 years and of course we had our up and downs but mostly slow speed lang tlga problem ko sa kanya. i used to do a lot of online gaming, WoW on a u.s. server and i usually can do things 24/7 not unless its really peak like 6 to 9pm medyo i lag out a bit. at least i dont disconnect.
    when i got a job that required me to have good internet speed, i decided to get bayantel kasi pldt told me they install after 2 mos pa. (i guess they dont want money, they dont need it.). so to my happiness ang bilis naman ng installation ko.

    anyway now all i get is disconnect disconect disconnect. i got d/c as early as 6:3o pm kanina and until now, i wouldnt have been able to finish my work if i didnt have my exisiting smartbro account. which i am currently using now for my game and my browsing. funny noh? ang laki ng installation ko 3k + and the guy at bayantel told me that i should get the 1.5 speed daw. lol. and i agreed.

    anyway i researched naman before i got this, i saw the bad reviews. pero bad reviews din kasi yung smartbro, so i took a chance. i mean, smartbro is wireless and had bad reviews pero i could do my stuff, what more dsl na wired? how bad could it be right? wrong.

    now wala talaga akong utang (knock on wood eheh) and i dont plan to pay for this no service thing. ano, 1.5 a month that i can use up to 6pm? its very unreliable, i dont even know when its coming back. i find it easier to troubleshoot my smartbro than my wired dsl.

    what can i do about this? i plan to get a letter notarized, explaiining i am not receiving any service. i dont want this talaga, i dont deserve it.i dont understand WHY this was a strong issue even back then, so many people complaining, but bayantel DID NOT FIX IT. its the same problem over and over again. PUTOL PUTOL AT NIGHT TIME. OR IF NOT, TOTALLY DISCONNECTED. NO SIGN OF LIFE.

    they are blatantly making us idiots by making us pay for this much for almost just a few hours of net per day? kaya nga tayo may net sa bahay para mas convenient!
  2. duhwho

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    what is your current setup with BayanDSL? DHCP or PPPoE?

    but if you are new subs.. possible its DHCP

    disconnection can be on SYNC or DHCP session..

    are you connected to the modem directly without any router in between?

    I just recently got out from BayanDSL.. not because i have an issue with them but do some other issues.. and now we have a SMART WIMAX.. all i can say.. browsing and speed.. there is really a different...

  3. kailrusha

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    Send Karin ng Letter sa NTC. with notarize mo
  4. bridge

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    also make sure na meron kang proof like history/stats of connections.
    find a software na maglog ng connection stats with graphs para with evidence.

    updates us maam annie.

  5. Ang alam ko talaga you need to finish the bond with them. Wala ba kahit anong troubleshooting na ginawa? If there was, were you able to record all the reference numbers and dates na nireport mo ung issue? I've been with them for 8 yrs na, so far their service and support has deteriorated. I'm still thinking whether to change my ISP na lang kasi lagi na lang same issue.


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