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Discussion in 'Review Me' started by strangebutcool, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Mga dude, ok ba tong i-avail? 4k lang ang cashout ko sa Globe plan ko para makakuha nito.

    Thanks sa mag-advice.
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    what are the specs?
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    How much is the buy out or plan for Galaxy Ace?

    Running on eclair? (doubtful), if you really want, try to test the machine...I am an android fan but also try to consider iPad first gen it cost around 16K for the 16GB version.

    This year is not really a good deal for Tablets, highend are still expensive especially those Honeycomb running tablet. We can see price changes by the end of the year.

  4. ArOund 6k for the galaxy ace. I think it's running on froyo. I dont know if its good or not. Ipad is not on my list right now since i already have an ipod touch.
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    I see, try to do some reviews mate...:)
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    ok ba yung price na 6k sir?

  7. Mukhang malabo na tong Galaxy Ace. Nakakabwisit ang Globe loyalty, nung nag-inquire ako ng handset na to and other handsets out-of-stock daw sa mga current subscribers kahit may cash-out. Then tumawag ako sa new applications, lahat ng handsets may available..

    Bias ang globe, di marunong mag-alaga ng loyal subscribers.


    kung mag-apply ka ng plan 999 sa globe, 6k sya. Market price nito is 14k+

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