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  1. anybody could help me kung pwede ba dalawang isp sa isang network..let say globe and pldt...ganito kasi now i have 15units globe isp 3mbps...ngayon balak ko mag additional sure di kakayanin ng 3mbps tong 30 units..gusto ko sana ako lng mag connect nung cables pati configuration kaso naguluhan this possible po para isa nalang ung server ko...kung my diagram po panu e network mas mas maganda...
  2. lordmight

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    Setup your both modems into router mode if possible.
    Then connect it to your switch, make all your client/workstation to Static Ip, after that make your PLDT's IP to then your Globe's to after that. Go to your clients/workstation make the ip to 192.168.0.xx (x means any number) then the DNS should be first then the second one is or kung ano mas preferred mo.
  3. win9888

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    You can use 2 ISP with different gateways.

    All pc must be in static IP

    kung gusto mo simple you can buy 2 wan router :)

    location mo Mr. hubagang_ate_oy?

  4. sir thanks sa advise..pwede mo po ba ako gawan ng diagram para tingnan ko habang gumagawa ako....salamat po

  5. pikit sir malapit sa gira..hehe paki gawan naman po ako ng diagram sa network...un bang 2 wan router eto ba ung router na may dalawang wan port? thanks in advance
  6. lordmight

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    wait lang hubagang gumagawa ako ngayon.
  7. josekym

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    @TS, pinakamahusay na gawin mo is bumili ng 2-WAN gaming router hangga't maaari.

    Kung meron ka naman na mga router diyan, or pwede mo i-set na router yung mga modem mo, then you can do this:
  8. lordmight

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    Network Connection Properties

    Internet Protocol TCP/IP Properties
    Set all Client's Ip to static then Click advanced.

    Advanced Settings
    now click Add Default gateway and add your Globe modem's IP

  9. wowww galing...anyway sir alternate assigned po ba sa all pcs ko yan...globe and pldt kukuha ng signal para maka internet??how about testing the speed dalawa dba wala bang conflict...galing mo talaga sir ....

    maramaming salamat po sir now i can add more pcs in my shop...
  10. lordmight

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    It won't be a conflict, pag nagfail ang first gateway simply gagamitin ang second gateway. Both of your connections were working yung first DNS ang gagamitin. So sa mga pc mo naman make their Ips to 192.168.0.xx (x means any number) so example:
    PC 1 -
    PC 2 - so on and so forth

    anyway yung Testing sa Speed AFAIK kung ano ang gamit mong first gateway yung speed nun ang machecheck.

  11. ibig sabihin pang failover lng ung 2nd isp..kunwari globe ung 1st isp ko 3mbps lng un ang ma shared sa 30units?? di yata kakayanin....akala ko kasi sir both 2 isp gagana...3mbps lng kasi plan s globe sa area namin....kaya balak ko mag add ng isp...
  12. lordmight

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    Since na automatic naman both ISP is gagana, AFAIK papatong ito. Depende na lang kung manual ang metrics as what posted on sir josekym's post.

  13. ok sir thanks a lot ..susubukan ko na week...add na akng pcs............
  14. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    okay goodluck.
  15. josekym

    josekym Member


    So hindi ka na gagamit ng Dual-WAN router?

    Ganito po ang sample setup kung gagawin mo yung manual na Dual-WAN:

    Assumed na configured properly na yung WAN-sides mo on the routers (i.e. the Internet connection sa WAN port).

    Router #1:
    LAN IP -
    Subnet -
    LAN DHCP is ON (range

    Router #2
    LAN IP -
    Subnet -

    Connect both to the Switch.

    Now for the PCs:

    Computer X:
    LAN IP -, .11, .12...etc. until the last PC
    Subnet -
    Default Gateway -, (with metrics)
    DNS -,

    The above would work OK, but take note that if you do that to all computers, then all computers shall be directed to Router #1 by default (i.e. doon dadaan yung Internet connection nila). If you want to balance the network load between the two routers (ergo use the two connections simultaneously), then you have to manually specify which gateway should the concerned PC use. This is your "load-balancing" part.

    For example:

    You want 15 PCs to use router #1 by default, so you must configure them as follows:

    LAN IP - to .24
    Subnet -
    Default Gateway - (metric 10), (metric 20)
    DNS -,

    And then configure the other 15 PCs to use router #2 by default:

    LAN IP - to .39
    Subnet -
    Default Gateway - (metric 10), (metric 20)
    DNS -,

    Although you can just put the alternating DNS of your ISP or other directly on the LAN card of the PC, it is more efficient to properly configure the DNS settings on the routers and let the computers use the cached entries instead. Just imagine if all 30 computers request from the DNS server and that server is outside of the LAN. Kakain din ito ng upstream bandwidth. Hence, just use the setup above for more efficiency, not to mention simplifying your setup if you want to change the DNS entries later on (i.e. just change the ones on the router).

    You can also choose to keep the DHCP server active on only one of the routers, or disable both altogether. The DHCP is useful if you have a Wifi Access Point and you want the configuration on the wifi clients (or even wired clients) to be automatic. However, the Dual-WAN benefit will not be in effect for those wifi or wired clients on DHCP...
  16. lordmight

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    AFAIK kahit di naman sir on ang DHCP service ni router yan ay okay naman since na Manual/Static IP ang gagamitin ng workstations. Since he wants to use both connections simultaneously Automatic na ang metric nya sir.

    EDIT di ko nabasa yung lsat post. hehe
  17. josekym

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    ^^You have to dictate the preferred default gateway by specifiying the metrics. Lower metric number is higher priority, hence you can already "predict" which gateway a PC should take because you told it to. ;)

    Having the metrics in manual mode helps in troubleshooting later on too (at least for me, that is... heheheh)...

  18. alucardver

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    siguro ang ibig sabihin ng TS eh kung 30 ang Client nya, tig 15 yung bawat ISP nya. kung di ako nagkakamali.
  19. lhoyd18

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    I'm just wondering if those computers connected to router 1 will be able to connect to those computers connected in router 2 since they have different gateways. I never tried this setup, maybe will test this configuration in the future..
  20. striker16

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    I know someone 2 smartbro combined speed kaso may dedicated syang pc na may na ka install na pfsence di ko lang alam setup. search ka nalang sa net about sa pfsence ang alam ko lang firewall sya. ge good luck

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