How to set CD-r king wireless router with DSL digitel static ip.

Discussion in 'Modem Router Config Settings' started by blademaster, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. hello.....i bought a cdrking wireless model "WIRELESS-N MIMO AP ROUTER(1T1R)" router i would like to configure it with a DSL Digitel static I.P (ISP)....i have been working on it for almost week and still there is connection between the prolink modem and the cdr-king wireless router...can you please help me on this matter....can teach me how to set it up step by really getting frustrated with this cdr-king router....I know how enter the router add.. but i don't what option i would choose....
    Thank you very much for your help....Have a nice day guys...

  2. oh i forgot i have change the cdrking router add. but no prob. with that because i can still enter its router web configuration...
  3. josekym

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    Describe mo muna paano ang configuration mo (in terms of IP), so we can see where the problem may be.

    Since naka static IP ka na, then all you should have to do is to configure the router WAN port accordingly, and enable NAT for the LAN-side ng router mo.

  4. yun lang I dont how to do that.....hehehehehe...Let me know if this is right?
    Step1....router Wireless I.P add...
    Step2...choose Gateway
    Step3....Should I choose Static Or PPoe?
    what should I choose...

    if its Static Please guide me
    if its Static?:
    It wont connect i have put all the details given to me by the ISP still wont connect....

    If its Static PPoe?:
    where will I enter my PPOE Static I.P (I "can not see the options to where i'll put my
    1. Static IP
    3. S.mask
    on its web configuration...can you show me where to enter this details???.
    Step5....DHCP?????should I enable this?
    looking for Mac Add...

    please Help getting very frustrated....i'm really tired...shoudn't have bought this router....damn..very hard to drink...i mean very hard to things make things harder.....damn....

  5. how do enable NAT...where can i find it?
  6. czerwin2k7

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    try connecting your Modem directly to your pc and supplying your static IP, Subnet, Gateway, and DNS on your LAN/NetworkCard TCP/IP option... then test if there is internet... if there is then try to do the same thing on your router choosing the option for your WAN as Static and LAN as Auto DHCP... Check the Modem status after saving the settings... then try browsing the net..

    if i am correct.. if its PPPoE with Static IP... when you Dial and connect using your PPPoE username and password.. it will give you automatically your static IP together with your Subnetmask, gateway and DNS...

  7. you have given me idea...this might work....i'll be off for a week when im back home ill let you know if the problem was resolve 2k7....anyway have a nice day....

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