How to set BRIDGE MODE your PLDT home fibr fiber modem

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    By default our PLDT fibr ONU modem is configured as router mode
    which means he is the one that will route all traffic to internet.

    However if you have some better routers like pfsense/mikrotik/monowall or other trusted
    routers, it is better to set your fibr modem to BRIDGE MODE so that your trusted router
    will act as the main router and the fibr modem will only serve as a modem onu.

    1. login to your fibr onu modem ( or the ip address you set)
    2. login using the default password of pldt home fibr
    3. Go to NETWORK tab
    5. in the Connection type, the default is "route", change it and set it as BRIDGE MODE

    before doing it make sure your "new main router" is set and fully working

    hope that helps...
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  2. Hello sir, Paano po palitan yung gusto ko po sana palitan ang para hinde po ma open ng ibang tao? pwede po ba kaya yun? Thanks

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  3. josekym

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    Kung naka-Admin mode ka sa modem, mapapalitan mo sa LAN settings iyan.

  4. dslmaster,

    There are some reports that if you use bridge-mode without pldt remotely setting this, speed issues arises. Can you make a confirmation pls? Usually speed goes below 10% of your subscribed

  5. oenone

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    ok lang po ba i bridge yung modem ng pldt ? yung ONU modem ?

    wala po bang problema ? hindi po ba maapektuhan yung internet spped at latency in game ?

  6. You have to make sure na yung ibi-bridge mo na modem eh kaya yung current speed ng net connection mo. Got a D-link 11AC 1200 type to bridge so it can handle 50mbps tops. Ookla said it was fine and speeds are even breezier (got 43-45mbps before, after bridging, it's almost 50mpbs na). wala pang problem sa WiFi autoconnect (PLDT issued modems suck at this, I had to reset every now and then para lang maka connect ulit).

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  7. Sir, nag try po ako ng bridge mode sa modem nmen. Wala po akong router sa modem lng po tlga. Okay lng po ba yun? 1month ko plng sya simula nung brinidge mode ko. So far okay nman po, sa speed test 35mbps po ung dl at 27mbps up speed. Problem din po is di ko ma-access ung default na ip address nung modem pano po kaya un?
  8. oenone

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    na i pa bridge mode ko na sa pldt yung onu modem at na off ko na rin yung wifi ng onu modem

    any more other settings na dapat ko i change after na bridge na ?

    para internet na lang talaga ang gagawin ng onu at yung iba sa 3rd party router ko na

  9. Sir wala na ba silang itatanong kung bakit gusto mo ipa bridge ang fiber router/modem, balak ko kasi i pa bridge din yung sa amin..
  10. rossh

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    I would guess you need to do a MAC clone on the upstream router, so the PLDT central thinks its talking to one of it own devices. Get the WAN MAC from the fibr device, and set that as the cloned mac in the new router.

    Kaka-configure lang ng pldt kahapon yung fibr namin, and then nung wala na sila, sobrang gulo pala ng gawa nila dun sa loob ng rack server namin.
    So ako, nilipat ko yung router ng fibr sa below level lang nung pinag lagyan nila, kasi hindi din kasi abot yung mga wire ng telepono ko na naka abang e.
    So tinanggal ko lahat ng plug dun sa router, and then syempre nilipat ko na.
    Pag lipat ko at pag bukas ko, wala na yung internet sa lan namin, pero gumagana naman yung fibr sa wifi namin.
    And then this day naman, nung pinipilit kong ayusin, wala na rin yung internet sa wifi nung fibr.
    What can I do, is this about the activation na ginagawa nila nung cinoconfigure pa nila yung connection ?

  12. As I read this forum, at balak kung subukan nag i-configure to bridge mode my router later on. Tanong ko lang muna kung may nakasubok na ba ng
    Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN 10-port Gigabit Management Router
    at kung applicable ba sya na iconfigure.

    Thank you

  13. sir, pag naka bridge yung fibr onu sa akin, speed drop from 50mbps up and down to 2mbps up and down. using pfsense router here. need to contact PLDT ba para ma setup sa side nila?

  14. mukhang not working na ngayon ang bridge mode ni pldt.. may other way pa ba para maayos ito?

  15. athenaxds

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    refrain from bridging your modem.
    you need to have them bridge it for you.

  16. I also got this from PLDT support: can anyone else confirm that bridging is not allowed anymore? Can you request it again by going to PLDT support? I find the PLDT device too limited that’s why I bridged it to a different router

  17. Gumana pa nman ang pag-bridge ng modem ko. I'm subscribed to 20mbps plan, after bridging, ganoon pa rin ang speed na nakukuha ko. This is on the white Huawei ONU.

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