How to secure HP T520 on the network

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by triger1031, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Hello guys,

    Can you please help how can I secure my printer for disabling other users to print on it.
    And set some IP's that are allowable to print on it.
    Or other option:
    Hide the printer on the network and only few users can locate it.
    Put password on the printer

    My printer is HP T520

    Thank you,
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  2. Hello guys,

    Pahelp naman po.
    Yon printer ko po ay nakakonekta sa ethernet
    I drop traffic ko po yon all IP Address sa network
    Tapos iniaallow ko yon ibang IP lang, kaso ko po ay nakaoffline pa din printer
    kahit na nkaallow sila.
    Ang ginawa ko naman ay Iniallow ko lahat ng IP. Tapos drop ko yon mga specific IP's na ayaw ko kumonek pero nkakapagprint pa din sila.

    Patulong naman po kung papaano ko isesecure yon printer na konti lang pc mkapagprint.
    O kaya po ay kung paano ko mahihide ang printer sa network tapos ilan pc lang pde magaccess.
    O kaya po ay kung papaano ko malalagyan ng password yon printer?
    Ang printer ko po ay HP T520

    Thank you,

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