How to reconfigure DSL in Dlink DSL - 2640U

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  1. Pa help naman po sa pag reconfigure ng router ko, hindi na kasi maka connect sa net after matanggal sya sa saksakan for a couple of houres.

    Router model is DLink DSL-2460U bali (Router/ADSL Modem), ang problem is hindi sya makakuha ng IPv4 address and gateway mula sa PLDT,
    though ayon sa stats nya naka connect naman sa cabinet and makikita mo rin na naka on yun light ng "DSL" pero wala yun light ng "INTERNET".

    Bacoor,Cavite area po my WAN settings are as follows :


    UBR w/o PCR
    QOS Disabled

    Auto IP and Gateway
    DNS : configured to Google's
    NAT : Automatic
    Firewall: On
    Multicast : Off

    for LAN

    Router IP :
    Subnet: (ginaya ko lang po sa binibigay na subnet ngayon ng pldt)


    DHCP : On
    Start IP :
    End :
    Subnet: (is it correct?)
    Lease Time : 24 (hours)

    About Routing....

    I've set it to Automatically Assign Default Gateway
    but you have a choice to input manually an IPv4 address or use the WAN device.

    when i check the status of WAN.
    it says like still communicating with the DHCP...
    and the ipv4 address is blank.

    sana po sapat na yun info, patulong po sa pag troubleshoot.


  2. this is nuts! tinry ko i balik yun original modem ko, PL-DSL1 (i've successfully configured this to router mode before we got our wireless router)
    now it won't work with this settings.

    Virtual Ckt : 0
    STS : Activated
    VPI : 0
    VCI :100
    PCR: 0 cell/s
    ISP: Dynamic IP Address
    Bridge Interface : Deactivated
    NAT: Enabled
    Default Route: Yes
    Dynamic Route: RIP 1
    Direction: Both/None (Tried it all, Failed)
    Multicast: Disabled


    Local Router IP:
    Subnet: / (Tried both, Failed)
    Dynamic Route: RIP1
    Direction: Both/None (Tried again the two, Failed)
    Multicast: Disabled

    DHCP: Enabled
    Start Ip:
    IP Pool Count: 32
    Lease: 0 (dafault)
    DNS Relay : Auto
    QOS: Deactivated
    VLAN: Deactivated
    ADSL: Auto Sync and ANNEX A/I/J/L/M

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    try to bridge the modem then check the status and if it can connect to internet

  4. sir are you talking about the dlink or the pldt modem?
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  6. sir by default po siya naka "bridged mode". but DHCP should be disabled.
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    czerwin2k7 Member

    yes.. and there should be light on DSL Ethernet and Power.... then Direct to single PC.. then Check your IP and Internet...

  8. all lights and internet is okay.

    from PLDT DHCP:

  9. is this right.. i will set the pl-dsl1 to bridging and connect it to one of the ethernet ports of my dlink dsl-2640. basically di ko na gagamitin yun adsl function ng dlink,
    kukuha na siya from the pldt modem.

    so how can i do this successfully?
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    hmmm if you have router then just connect your PLDT to WAN port of your router then just set your Router WAN config to Auto DHCP and LAN to Auto DHCP... basically the function of your PLDT and your DLinkADSL Router is just the same the only difference is that there are 4Ethernet port available for Dlink for aditional PC... internet will only possible to distribute if you configured your PLDT or your Dlink to routing Mode... you may ask for PLDT Tech to come on your house for Visit to configure it.... just call their tech hotline/Tech support

  11. the dlink doesn't have auto DHCP.

    my wild guess is that i have to choose between MER, IP over ATM, or Bridging

    i will post pictures of the set up pages.
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    Bro mali yata yung setting you...
    Dapat yung Dhcp subnet at lan subnet ay

  13. na try ko na po pareho. ayaw pdin, sa WAN talaga nagkaka problema sir e. using the settings na gumagana naman before ngayon hindi na. eto na lumalabas sa WAN status [​IMG]

  14. papayag ba pldt mag papunta ng technician at aucin yun router namin? :D hahaha. suko na ako mag troubleshoot. parang may mali talaga e.
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    uu naman... bakit hindi... pero syempre... papuntahin mo muna sila without telling them that you'll ask them to fix your Dlink router for their system... thats why they give you a modem diba... so if they say they can't configure your Dlink router on their line.. then just tell them to enable the routing mode of their PLDT Modem/router so it could share internet using switch/hub... you can use your Dlink as a switch/hub just disable the LAN AutoDHCP and Plug your PLDT Modem/Router to any of the port of your Dlink....

    wala ka bang router? and why use Dlink?

  16. originally po kasi yun dlink lang nakakabit dito, dlink po yun naging adsl modem/wired and wireless router., and wala pong rj45 na WAN port tong dlink e, RJ11 lang po WAN port nya which is the ADSL altogether.

    nagtataka lang talaga ako bakit ayaw na ng proven settings, even the tutorial here on the PL-DSL1 is not working also.
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    ganun ba... anyway... wag mo na pasakitin ulo mo kaka isip^_^ let the PLDT tech guys help you out.... after fixing just ask them how to do it....

  18. onga e. grabe. haha bukas itawag ko na lang. salamat!

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