How to portforward ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A modem ?

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  1. Please can someone tell me how to portforward my modem ?
    I just want to create a website and I cannot .

    there is no portforwarding settings on the ip address that I entered on my internet browser.
    any solutions ? thanks for the answers

  2. I have the same problem.. can someone help us our give us any idea on how to enable the port forwarding and maybe the other configuration for this modem router. seems they have disabled it and we can't set any of it.

    It would be convenient if just one device for modem and a router cause we can save energy, it just that there is to port forwarding.

    Any one? Any ideas?:)

  3. I know how to fix This Problems,Your Problem is The Username And PassWord There is Other User and pass on Your ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A
    Username:adminpldt Password:1234567890 when your log in you will click the NAT When you Already Clicked on The NAT
    Go Click PortForwarding And Then When you done Doing Those Steps Click Service Name And click on The User Define
    And Then you will go click Active as Check Then The Server name you can do any name you want The Start port is 25565 and End port is 25565 Too
    And then Type Your Ip Address Under it Then The Port Translation you go need to type just the Start port and not the End Port
    The Start Port is 25565 then press Apply ,Then You Have now PortForward
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