How to Maximize/Speed up DSL Connection

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  1. atleast try to use squid proxy, tweaked your firefox, use tcp optimizer, tweak your IRQ,... with this you'll see the difference on your browsing experience. when downloading use IDM. IDM uses 16 connection simultaneosly especially on mediafire... ive been using this on my shop with 1smartbro and 18 units of pc look at my speed


  2. Increase Your Internet Speed By Other Tricks 1: go to ur desktop 2: right click on "My computer" 3: den select "properties" 4: den click on "HARDWARE" tab 5: den click "Device manager" 6: now u see a new window(Device manager window) 7: look down now u can see "Ports(COM & LPT)" on it 8:den double click on "Communication Ports" 9: after open u can see a "Communication Port properties".. 10: now go the "Port Setting" 11: and now change ur "Bits per second" to "128000". 12: and "Flow control" change 2 "Hardware". apply and see the result.........! now check your connection speed here
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    how about the "proxy server"? mga sir, yung pc shop dito samin 3mbps plan nila sa globe pero ang test result nila sa ay 90-100mbps w/ 500kbps dowsload speed using browsers default downloader, pinakita sakin ang proxy server walang 2 ang lan nya na gumagana. sa mga masters po natin jan sa pdsl pwede po paki paliwanag in details how this works?
    proxy server - 2 ang lan na ginagamit

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