How to Maximize/Speed up DSL Connection

Discussion in 'Utilities and Appz' started by kevinmarquez, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. How do i maximize/speed up my internet connection?
  2. jase07

    jase07 Member

    ask your Internet Service Provider on how to increase your speed.
  3. Ominous

    Ominous Member

    Just one of the safe ways to increase your internet speed is by paying for more bandwidth. You can also do tweaks, but some or even most of them can be disastrous.
  4. crazykalbo

    crazykalbo Member

    registry tweaks are USELESS. opt for upgrading your current speed.
  5. grassRoots

    grassRoots Member

    tweaks are myth...

    upgrade/subscribe for a higher plan, thats the best way!

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  6. cliff101

    cliff101 Member

    actually parang useless din kung mag upgrade ka pag ndi NGN 800 kbps lang nakukuha namin na dapat 2mbps speed. BTW im using PLDT myDSL
  7. grassRoots

    grassRoots Member

    yun lang... :(
  8. j0sefuz

    j0sefuz Member

    i think the proper title for this post is

  9. josekym

    josekym Member

    IMO, tweaks have their proper place in this world and are useful in their own right. There are also those "truths" which are actually just misconstrued facts.

    Did you know that applying WinXP SP2 and SP3 actually limited one's TCP connections capability? Guess what, you need a *registry tweak* to get around this limitation.

  10. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    did anyone test this and find that you can download faster after you apply this tweak?

    sorry, but pics or it didnt happen

  11. tol dissable mo ung reservable bandwidth sa group policy mo

  12. Use fullspeed app or tune up utilities. So far working for me. MY dsl speed 100MBPS DSL connection.
  13. j0sefuz

    j0sefuz Member

    100mbps? magkano monthly nyan?
  14. josekym

    josekym Member

  15. Hi,

    the only program i know is cfos speed (traffic shaping), it works with most of the world providers. You got not more bandwith but your bandwith will be used more intelligent. The software can be fully testet for 30 days.
  16. j0sefuz

    j0sefuz Member

    i agree.. i use cfosspeed..

  17. How can i change the tweak for the Winxp sp2 for TCP?

  18. agent_agoy

    agent_agoy Member

    The real tweak is to upgrade to a higher bandwidth. that's all.
  19. jaworemoj

    jaworemoj Member

    ^ right !.just upgrade your plan

  20. Use TCP Optimizer if you're on Windows XP since Vista and 7 has an auto-tuning receive window size.

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