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  1. How to make money with torrents

    This information is for educational purposes only.

    The author, will not be held responsible for the results and/or
    consequences of the actions recommended by the information in this report.

    ......Now let's get to the point. Scroll down for the Table of Contents

    Making money with torrents is ridiculously easy. There are six basic steps you need to follow in order to get this right, and I've laid them all out for you clearly below. Enjoy!

    Table of Contents

    1. Sign up for an affiliate/CPA Network
    2. Download a torrent client
    3. Get a password tool
    4. Download a popular torrent file and set a password on it!
    5. Submit it to as many torrent sites as you can
    6. Seed and repeat!

    Sign up for an affiliate/CPA network

    For this method, you will be downloading popular files, password-protecting them, and then re-uploading the torrents back to the most popular torrent websites. Here's a breakdown of how you get paid.

    1. Target downloads file
    2. Target fills out a CPA (cost per action) offer
    3. Target gets password and is happy, since now they have access to there files
    4. You are happy because you made money off the CPA offer

    I'm assuming you already know a bit of the language I'm using here, but just in case this is all sounding like gibberish, basically, in a nutshell, companies will pay you (usually a few dollars) to help them find customers. That is where the CPA offer comes in. The user fills in a few text fields, usually an email address and/or zip code, and then YOU can get paid for referring them. What we are doing is simply forcing people to fill these out, so they can access the files they downloaded from your torrent.

    Got it? Good.

    So where do we find good affiliate/CPA networks? Easy. Here's a few to get you started.

    COPEAC (this one makes a lot of money, but if you are unsure about a porn CPA network, then do not apply here.)

    Sign up for any one of these, and you are good to go. Some may require that you have a website in order to get an account. Simply create a blog at and use that as your website. They should give you an account without any problems. If they do, you can always call customer service and ask what you can do to get an account. I had to do that with RoiRocket, and I was approved over the phone instantly.
    Next you will need an offer to promote. The best kinds are the ones that require the LEAST amount of information from the user. Zip code and email submits are usually the best for this. Also, since torrent traffic is USUALLY international, it is much better to find the offers that are international as well, otherwise you won't get paid. CECash is a great CPA network, since all there offers are international. I've made over $250 in one day with ONE TORRENT with this network. I highly recommend them, so long as you don't mind promoting porn. Once you've found an offer you like, grab it, and get your affiliate link. This is something we have to be very careful with. Most CPA networks are smart and track where all the traffic comes from so we need to be careful of how we get the users to the network without raising any flags. Also, the fewer barriers between the user and the password, the better. So instead of creating a textfile that says, “Go here [affiliate link] and fill it out. ”, we are going to create a .html file. This is VERY important for two reasons.

    1) The user can click the link and be that much closer to the password. No bothersome copying/pasting.
    2) It prevents the CPA network from finding out the location of the link. The Referrer tag sent will be blank, and the network won't know where the lead came from.

    So create a .html file and call it “password here.html” or something similar. And put the directions in there. Something along the lines of this will be sufficient, however feel free to play around with wording to find what works best for you. “Thanks for downloading this torrent! Lately, I've had to .RAR all my files for a few reasons.

    1) It's faster to download one BIG file, than a bunch of smaller ones.
    2) The password is to keep the other people out of the files, since I share this computer.
    You can get the password though by clicking here [affiliate link]. Just plug in your details, and check your email. Once you do, you'll find a confirmation link.

    Click that and the password is the 12th word after 'Thank you!'
    Sorry for the little extra work..:-P”

    That's one I used for a little while and it did very well.

    The hard part is over. On to Step 2.

    Step 2: Download a torrent client
    This is easy as hell. Go to and download it. You can get either the standalone version or the full install one. I use the full install, but it's up to you. It doesn't matter either way.

    Once you do, it's on to Step 3!

    Step 3: Get a password tool
    You can either pay for this, or use your newly acquired torrent client get one. I leave this up to you. I use WinRAR, so if you want to follow the screenshots, I suggest you get that. If you choose to download it via torrent, you can find it on, just search for it.

    Scroll down for Step 4. We are just about done....

    Step 4; Download a popular torrent file
    Finding these is not hard either. On they have a Top 100 list of the most popular torrents per category. I also like's homepage, since it lists their most popular ones as well. A good torrent should have hundreds, if not thousands of seeders (usually indicated in a green font) and even more leechers (indicated by a red font). Seeders are people who have the file already, and are uploading it, and leechers are the people who are downloading it. I've seen Anime torrents with over 10,000 seeders and leechers before. So the more popular the better. Download one of these gems, and when you are finished, we need to modify the file.

    Here's how that works. (see below)

    1. Right-click on the file and select “Add to archive...”


    2. Change compression method to “Fastest” and check off “Delete files after archiving”. Then click on the Advanced tab and click “Set password...”


    3. Create a new folder outside the passworded folder. Now you have a New Folder and a passworded one. Rename the New Folder to look like the passworded one, and then drag the passworded one into it. Also, copy and paste the password here.html file into this folder.

    4. Now, do the same procedure for this folder, only this time, DO NOT password protect it. Basically, you have a passworded archive .RAR and an .html file inside a non-passworded archive .RAR file. I think that may be the best way to put it. ☺

    Last and final step......

    Step 5: Submit it to as many torrent sites as you can
    This is where the process can get tedious. Up until now, your computer has done most of the work for you. You only had to give it a file, and while you were gone it was downloading it for you. Now is the time where the real work comes in. Granted, this entire process up until this point has only taken about 5 minutes of REAL work, and it gets faster as you go along, but now is where you may put in the hours. It's extremely easy to make money off of torrents. I know of several people who have made over $1000 in one day from this method. So here's the missing step you need to get a piece of the pie. You are create your torrent file and submit it to as many torrent sites as possible. To create the torrent file, open up uTorrent, and click the little button that looks like a magic wand. Find the non-passworded .RAR archive from Step 4 and plug that in. Then, under trackers, place these two lines:

    Be sure that Start seeding is checked, and leave everything else alone. Click “Create and save as...” and you are good to go. Save this new .torrent file somewhere you will remember. Now you have to upload THIS .torrent file to torrent websites to make money. You will be making money by the end of the day, if not within the hour.

    The most popular torrent sites will get your torrent out there faster. It is usually good to seed for a full day, until you have about 20 or so seeds or more. So to get people to download and eventually seed your torrent, let's submit it to these popular torrent sites. When you submit a torrent, look for a link that says “Upload Torrent” or something similar, and click it. Fill in the forms (titles, descriptions, genres, etc) and be sure you
    load the .torrent file you made with uTorrent not the .RAR archive!
    There are thousands of popular torrent sites out there, but a few of the ones I use are:


    Simply put, the more you submit to, the more money you will make. It's just a matter of persistence.

    It's not mandatory, of course, but it will certainly make the process MUCH faster, and in the game of torrents, the faster you can get your files out, the faster you will make money.
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  3. Dark corners of the internet...
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  5. It Depends on the affiliated/CPA Networks you apply, theres a lot of CPA Networks out there just try one with PayPal support.
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    Mabuti kung di scam.

  7. Visit This:

    Yung sa binigay ko na tutorial ang pag-upload sa torrent site manual, dito naman automatic gagamit ka ng Torrent Blaster para i-upload ang torrent pero may bayad ang program.
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    Well, honestly, it destroy the sole purpose of bittorrent...

    To give everyone free and best goodies

    Di ka ba nahihiya na ang torrent mo pirated copy and you gonna sell it? I mean, what is wrong with despirate to earn some few cents...OMG!!!!

    For sure walang taong bibili nyan...kasi makakakuha ka naman sa iba eh...

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