HOW TO Configure my modem router and wireless router??

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  1. mga bossing pa help naman po configure para magkaroon ako ng wifi sa bahay..

    i'm using PROLINK HURRICANE 5200 as my modem router and mayroon akong TP-LINK TL-WR340G na wireless router..

    i've visited sites and followed their instructions and still d parin gumagana.. :(

    plss help nyu naman po ako.. kailangan wifi sa bahay kasi naagawan sa PC.. hehe..
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    Determine mo muna kung paano ang configuration ng modem mo: Connect the PC to the modem and when you can already surf, check mo sa command prompt yung IP address, sunet mask and gateway na nakuha ng PC mo.

    Kung ito ay 192.168.1.x, then you must change the LAN IP address of your TPLink router to, and configure the WAN port to Automatic/Dynamic IP. Save router settings and reboot.

    After that, you connect the modem to the router and the router to the PC and test.
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  3. Sir thx sa pag reply.. ung IP nlng modem q is Pero wlang configuration ung wireless router q sa WAN port to Automatic/Dynamic IP eh.. e2 ung pic sa WAN q..
    sorry po sir medyu noob pah ako sa ganitong bagay.. :)
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    Select mo "Dynamic IP" para sa WAN Connection Type. Then, click mo yung LAN diyan sa router setup page and then palitan mo yung LAN IP address to Save mo settings and restart the TPLink.
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  5. problem solved sir.. maraming salamat po!... KUDOS to you sir...

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