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Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by moy, Mar 20, 2007.

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    My isp is bayantel dsl i have a router dlink- di 604 and a switch. I configured the router already, put the static ip address on the router, when i connect my modem to the router then to my pc my pc connects to the net, but when i connect my modem to the router then to a switch then my pc, i cannot connect to the net? hope you could help in the configuration.

  2. hi!!!!mzta my pRoblema p b???about jAN???
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    A router, a switch and a modem, is that correct?

    DSL modems in the Philippines normally are configured as a bridge, that means, no need for you to think about it.

    Your router has 2 'sides', a LAN side, facing to your Local Area Network or to you computer and a WAN side, facing to the Wide Area Network, means internet. So connect WAN to your modem and tell your switch about your username, password, gateway and DNS, this is what Bayantel has given you. I guess, your plan has a dynamic IP?

    For the LAN side of your router usually you will use an IP address like with netmask If so, then give your computer the adress with netmask and as a gateway. If you have more then one computer, you can use your switch.

    And make sure, there is no HHCP server enables in your system. In my case, there was a DHCP server enabled in my DSL modem and the modem was set to That's stupid but possible.

    Try it out and ask again, if it's not working with that.

  4. ganYan din aNg RoUter ko..gingamit ko sTatic iP adress dOn s WAN oK nMan gUmagana sA aKin iSet mO lng dOon s IP Adress nG LAN mo

    IP Address:

    DNS Server:
    Leave Alternate DNS Server Blank

    tRy mO pO yAn...
  5. gboelter

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    Yes, this will work as a setup for his computer. But only, if his router's IP adress is and only if his router has it's own DNS server!!

    I have never seen a router, where a DNS is included, but why not ..... :?

  6. BsTa pO gAnyAn pKa sEtup s aKin s ROuter my sArili din xa DNS uNg DNS Server ng bYAntEl....nU kYa kUng nKuhA nYa n

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