how much will you pay for DSL termination?

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    i want to know if i subscribe to any dsl providers
    like pldt and globe. how much will it cost me if
    i terminate the 1 year contract ?


  2. Subscriber will be charged P3,000 for termination of myDSL service before one year of subscription. Upon Termination of DSL Service: Cost of un-recovered modem is PHP 5,000 Cost of un-recovered splitter is PHP 200. FOR PLDT SUBSCRIBER
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    what do you mean "Cost of un-recovered modem" ?

  4. un-recovered modem pag nawala ung modem or nasira due to neglect use...
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    so if mabalik mo ang modem at walang gasgas,
    3thou lang bayaran mo? at libre ka na?

  6. 3 thou libre na yeah ur ryt!

  7. Pre-termination fee for PLDT MyDSL is 3 times your monthly service fee example: Pre-termination fee for Plan1995 is 1995x3 = 5985. For MyProfessional, 3000x3 = 9000

    plus the cost of unrecovered
    modem = 4000
    splitter = 250
    rj45 = 200
    2 rj11 = 50 each
    microfilter = 150
    CD installer/documentation/box = 150

  8. What about PLDT iPhone Plan?

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