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Discussion in 'Eastern DSL' started by krishrainjit, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. mga sir/madam, i just bought cdr king lp8186 wireless broadband router 4ports. i have trouble configuring it. my isp is eastern evo dsl with zyxel p660dr-d1 modem. i have read the manual fron the cd and those found on cdr kings website but still to no avail. i have just read one blog stating that in order to successfully configure it, i need to change the setup of the dsl modem from routing mode to bridge, then the encapsulation to rfc1483 multiplex llc. i tried it, i have lost internet connection (as they say its normal) and then attached the modem to the wifi router. i configured in the router's setup operation mode: gateway, wan setting PPPoE and have provided the username and pw from my isp. i have done this but still i failed to get n internet connection from my laptop. by the way, i have a dektop, a laptop and an N95 mobile phone.

    since this procedure failed, i have tried the other suggestion from the blog which is to change the operation mode of the router to bridge while the dsl modem to routing with the pppoe details. i was grateful to have seen that after restarting everything, i finally had the internet connection on my n95 fone and desktop (which is connected to the router thru cable). but to my dismay, i found the connection of my laptop to be local only and have not the ability to access the internet.

    What wrong am I possibly been doing that causes failure for my laptop to connect to the internet via wifi? or
    Is there a better way to configure the cdr king wifi router so as to provide wireless internet connection?

    All suggestions and recommendations are highly encouraged and appreciated. I'm in dire need of your help.

    Salamat po.
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