help! how to control wifi users?

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  1. Hello problem is how can i control my wifi users? disable/enable the wifi users. Kasi nag papabayad ako dito ng wifi sa amin 30/day so hindi prehu2 ang oras kng nag rerent sila. So paanu ko macocontrol mga sir? please help. Yung gamit ko na modem/wifi router is yugn bagu ng pldt. yung modem + router in 1 nila. ZyXEL P-660HN-T1A PLEASE HELP MGA BOSS.

  2. Ako nka desktop po. ung meron man na dapat e download apps/software please share. Para magamit ko at hindi na ako mahirapan. Salamat.

  3. hanap ka ng router na me multiple SSID support, then i disable mo yung SSID pag di nakabayad
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    Thru Wireless Security Setting - MAC Address Filtering of WiFi Router. And also Enable MAC Address Filtering. All WiFi users would need their MAC Address registered in the WiFi Router. You can then Enable - Disable on a per MAC Address level. You just need to keep a record of who those MAC Addresses belongs to.

    I suppose there are some WiFi Routers that supports scheduling also. On what days/time each user can use the Internet. But then you might need fixed IP Addresses assigned to the users. Am not sure if there are IP Address to MAC Address assignments.
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  5. @goma_23 san mkakahanap ng multiple ssid report? program ba yan? binibili ? hehe cnxa slow.

  6. @Ppoooh sir boss pde explain maigi o kaya paturo more ksi wala ako knowldge dyan.
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    Disabling SSID does not prevent connection via wireless.

    @TS, tignan mo muna kaya ang wifi capabilities ng gamit mo, and if MAC/IP control/filtering or similar facilities do not exist, then you should consider buying a wifi router which can handle that security.
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    See page 47 to 49 of your Zyxel P-660HN-T1A User Guide. "Configuring the MAC Address Filter". The instruction is all there. Download the User Guide from Zyxel website if you don't have one. Its 7MB PDF file.

    Google is your friend on your other queries. Like what is MAC Address? How to get MAC Addresses of the Laptops/PCs. What is MAC Address Filtering? What does MAC Address Filtering do? etc.

  9. prang di ko ksi ma gets yan. meron ba kayu mga boss alam na apps/software kahit binibili lang. Paki post naman dito.
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    Ah, you didn't say that you have an Internet Cafe-like business. What you need is really an application. What I said above is not applicable in your case. I had never tried such an application, so can't help you there.

  11. @Ppoooh problem solved, sa networkg settings pde pla mag allow at deny ng mga mac address don.

  12. Para sa PLDT Users, gusto ko po malaman na pano po ba mag disconnect ng mga wifi users sa internet namin. Yung as in lahat ng naka connect matatanggal, patulong naman po please :)

  13. if you're using a desktop & connected to your wifi/modem/router via LAN, and you're the only one who wants to use your DSL connection, you can disable the wifi capability of your modem so that others cannot connect to it thru wifi.
    or change the wifi password so that others do not know it & only you can connect thru wifi.

  14. Better to buy a router linksys, d-link or tp link, pwede mo ma control who using your internet. disable them after an hour.

  15. yes. usually sa mga router pwede yan. I usually do that, also giving a limit traffic for those who connected my router para iwas download cla..hehehehe

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