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  1. Hello sirs,

    My current setup is this: PLDT Modem > Netgear router > PFSense > LAN

    I want to get rid of the Netgear but no matter how I tried configuring PFSense through the Setup Wizard I cannot get it to work. I entered my PPPoe account username and password correctly but it still wont work. WAN is down.

    I'm hoping I can get help from the masters here. Thanks in advance.
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    So, how is your NetGear configured? PPPoE din? Maybe you need to do a MAC-clone of the NetGear's MAC address on your pfSense box.
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    kung ito ang gusto mo na set-up, then mali yong diagram mo.
    ganito dapat
    just sure na hindi mag conflict ang gateway ni netgear sa pfsense pasok iyan.
    set mo ulit ang pfsense mo sa pppoe with user and pass na binigay ng iyong isp


  4. Yes po, PPPoE din. I tried cloning but it seems I'm using the wrong MAC address. I will try again. Thanks po sa reply.

  5. Thank you master for the reply. This was the default setup before installing PFSense: modem>>netgear>>switch>>lan. I tried replacing netgear with pfsense once and it didn't work,obviously I don't know how, so I just placed pfsense under netgear: modem>>netgear>>pfsense>>switch>>lan. I will try again this time, and I will post the update soon. Thanks again sa inyo. :)

  6. @josekym and d'joedanger,

    Thanks for your response masters. PLDT gave me an erroneous password by appending 0 to it. My PFSense PPPoE is now working great. Sleepless nights for a wrong password...*sighs* :mad:

    Have a great day!:)
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    Welcome to the club! hehehehehhe
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  8. hehehe, thanks! It feels good to be in a club with members of the same feathers..:D

  9. hi din po prob ko...yung pldt bisbox po kc yun na ang router modem namin...naka set lang po sa routing...bale ang original setup po ay ganto:
    pldt bizbox -->switch -->workstations...

    now po my pfsense box na po ako..ganto po setup ko..
    pldt bizbox-->pfsense-->switch-->workstation

    na set ko na din po sa ppoe si pfsense..pero pag nag boot po sya...ang WAN ay nakalagay NONE... ano po kaya problem neto mga master? pls help po mag configure..thanxz in advance...

  10. I have no idea on pldt bizbox. In my case separate si Modem at si Router.

    Anyway, here's what I did. Using the Setup Wizard, these are the steps I followed:

    1. Copy the MAC of your pldt router to your PF.
    2. By selecting PPPoE, enter the appropriate Username and Password(provided by PLDT).
    3. Turn off pldt modem, restart PF.
    4. After PF boots up, turn on pldt modem.

  11. mga boss pano ba format ng user name n pass sa pppoe..hindi ko makuha paiba iba cnasabi sakin ng mga teck support?

  12. pa help narin kng pano full config ng zyxel router ko para maconnect ko pf sense ko.. T_T kaylangan pa bng e bridge mode?PLDT isp ko

  13. PFSense with PLDT static ip po..Need help.... may net ang box pero ang wifi ko option1 wala...Configuration po...tnx

  14. sir pahelp nmn po newbie here .paturo panu lagyan ng pfsense setup ko .. ito po ang diagram ko .

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  15. 1. khroaxe and winggits: pfsense is a firewall and router.

    hi din po prob ko...yung pldt bisbox po kc yun na ang router modem namin...naka set lang po sa routing...bale ang original setup po ay ganto:
    pldt bizbox -->switch -->workstations...

    2. modem is on routing mode: pldt bizbox -->(pfsense here) -->then switch -->workstations
    also since pfsense is in routing mode switch your pfsense WAN to dhcp
    it should do the trick

  16. Pahelp naman po..

    PLDT Homefiber (Bridge Mode)>>>em0 - WAN - PC installed VBox (pfsense) - em1 - LAN >>>Switch >>>workstation

    ayaw gumagana kapag nag PPPOE sa WAN


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