[HELP] CCTV netview configuration on new PLDT ZyXel Router p-660hn-t1a

Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by tenderfoot09, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Hi All!

    Does anyone here had a successful experience in configuring the new PLDT ZyXel Router p-660hn-t1a to be used in cctv net viewing capabilities? I was able to open the admin account for the router interface to check the port forwarding details.I assigned port 81 -> 81 for the http, and 1024 -> 1024 as for the Media both for the DVR and the router. So, upon checking locally, I was able to view the dvr's interface and logged in my browser (using, I assigned Dyndns on my DVR, same with the router, providing the correct domain name, username, and password for my account. Now, the problem is, upon using the DOMAIN locally, I can only access the interface of the router. And using the domain adding the port number in the end (http://*******.dyndns.org:81/) there's no response from the DVR. So I suppose, this will also not work if I am using the internet outside. So, any ideas on what could be the source of the problem, and how am I going to resolve this? thank you so much guys, any help is gladly appreciated!!!

  2. for the matters concerns about the ZyXel router, we have both the same problems... even if configured full features of the router it appears to have problem when accessing public internet.... sometimes you have to think the idea of switching to other solution to avoid time consuming... you may contact your ISP Tech Support for that.
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  3. thanks for the advice Sir Macky! Though, have you heard anything yet from the pldt folks? Any remedy they suggested for this trouble? thanks!

  4. well, have to consider sometimes things arises within our job especially IT works... there are always solution for every problem.

  5. hi tenderfoot, from outside your network via internet. type your router public ip and add port you assigned to your dvr. eg. the current setup you have might be only for outside connections to your dvr.

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