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    Residential Package

    Green Dot for the Home
    Green Dot for the Home: An unparalleled internet experience that includes blazing fast internet to start. Complete with a growing suite of value added lifestyle enhancing benefits and package options, Green Dot residential services are backstopped by Green Dot’s continued commitment to quality, reliability, and 24 x 7 customer support.

    Make your net lifestyle - BROADBAND.

    * Play online, multimedia multiplayer and don’t lose out
    * Speed up music (MP3), info search, chat, video streams, and more
    * Unlimited 24X7 access
    * No telephone line needed

    Get it FAST, minty fast, and FRESH, minty fresh.


    Business Packages

    Green Dot for Business
    High speed internet colored to power business at the next level and toward the next profitable e-step. Green Dot broadband for business comes bundled with superior business benefits and options designed to offer an e-business solution that is ready: faster, simpler, more affordable, and more powerful. Most importantly, Green Dot provides quality assurance with a 24 x 7 customer helpesk.

    Make your business broadband style. Speed up info search and multimedia downloads

    * Tasks are completed faster
    * Improve employee / workstation efficiency and productivity
    * 24x7 connectivity


    Green Dot Net Shop Packages

    Green Dot Net Café is the first broadband to truly work with net shop needs. Net cafés can now offer several new services over one broadband connection simultaneously. Deliver 200kbps for the e-mail customer, 2Mbps for the multimedia player, and high speed peered and Underground gaming for the intense gamer. Each shop user gets his own custom broadband connectivity. Experience the Green Dot next level difference.


    it sucks... i can't seem to find any info on how much their other package rates are on their website except for their net shop rates... if any of you have any info about their pricing scheme, just post it here...


    GREENDOT has new affordable rates. Just contact their Support team at 815-9961 or email them at

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