God Existence!!!

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    Thanks for pointing out other possible explanations of the origin of the God concept.

    The one i posted above, is just my opinion and certainly not official.

    Its interesting that you also pointed this out:

    This is just one of my conjectures:

    Causality is one of the basic observable law that complex biological organism can easily detect. In fact behavior is heavily influence by causality. If an act is executed and can result on a gratifying feedback it is likely to be remembered by an organism, therefore likely repeating such an act in the future, if an act resulted on a undesirable feedback it is likely to be avoided in the future, therefore forming a certain behavior. this is a behavior-forming mechanism. an organism most adept in remembering good feedbacks was likely to survive than others, passing on his genes to his offspring. Thus causality influenced the evolution & behavior of many organism today. When humans arrived in the world scene, we inherited such gene & behavior. This cause-&-effect gauging behavior eventually led to the awareness of causality which ultimately perhaps led to the concept of Gods.
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    Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election


    it's an almost 20 minute youtube clip but its thought provoking.

    here's one early quote
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    Here's an excellent video. Enjoy

  4. kahit saang forum may ganitong topic talaga
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    Just want to update this:
    Is the Universe Fine Tuned for Life?

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    CALTECH COSMOLOGIST AND PHYSICIST Sean Carroll teams up with Skeptic magazine publisher and science historian Michael Shermer in this epic debate with noted conservative author and King's College President Dinesh D'Souza and MIT physicist Ian Hutchinson as they go head-to-head over one of the most controversial issues of our age. As science pushes deeper into territory once the province of religion, with questions such as Why there is something rather than nothing?, Where did the universe come from?, How did life arise?, What was the origin of morality?, and others, inevitable conflicts arise over the best approach to answer them. Don't miss this great debate and come with your questions for the audience participation portion of the day!
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    Science/Religion/Politics are stuff that are not meant to be debated cause it leads to wtf brainless arguments.

  8. Tumingin kalang sa paligid mo. Sino ang lumalang ng langit, lupa, dagat, mga halaman, puno, at hayop at iba pa?
    I think meron ngang Diyos. Naniniwala ako sa Kanya. Siya ang Creator of the heaven and the earth.
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    that is the argument from ignorance. I see the universe around me and I dont know how it came to be, therefore god did it. A simple cure is to educate yourself with science
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    Here is another vid. enjoy!
    Did we invent God?
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    Meron ako pinapaniwalaan but I'll just keep that to myself :)

    Di naman ako religious scholar kaya di kaya makipag debate
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    some say people came from monkeys, but how come my uncle looks like a horse ? :) i think there is a God. :)
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    some says evolution. some says "God"
    maaring ipinaglihi sa kabayo ang uncle mo :D i think there is a God. :)

  14. YES....yung lang sagot hehe
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    Simple lang sa tanong na to "Believest Thou Me?" sino ang nag tatanong ng ganyan?

  16. sobra lang yan sa ANCIENT ALIENS... :D
    paniwalaan mo lang kung ano ang gusto mo...
    wala namang mawawala sayo...

  17. I believe god .

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