God Existence!!!

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    madami naman mga mummies, both natural and artificial

    and st bernadette's condition isnt that perfect, otherwise they wouldnt have had to cover it up with a mask


    but lets go back. so you are saying that any religion that has incorruptible holy people is true? well what about these



    logically, if the incorruptibility was due to the power of the judeo christian god then there would be no instances among other religions. However if it is a natural process then there would be instances among other religions

    BTW, trivia, napoleon bonaparte also has something similar. he died in 1821


    depends on your standards. if you look at it another way then it glorifies humanity as being able to do a lot of things, both good and bad, on its own, with no support from a god

    pascal's wager again. google it.

    the second sentence is wrong. if an atheist and a christian dies and went to heaven and they found the zoroastrian god or the islamic allah, both will have a lot of explaining to do

    oh really? Then what about all the good filipinos who died before magellan came to the philippines? all of them are doomed to hell for no fault of their own? God is just diba? then why would he allow this injustice?


    What the heck are you talking about? this is not the world of the game homeworld where only humans and one pet animal have similar genetic material which is different from all other plants and animals of the planet kharak

    this is the earth we are talking about. human DNA is aprox 99% similar with chimpanzee DNA

    as for snowflakes,

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    Hehehe natutuwa naman ako kay pctemp. You got your own version of online bible :)
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    I was talking about DNA STRUCTURE of humans..
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    ano meron sa DNA structure ng human?
    how if a genetic engineer CLONE a man's DNA. the cloned DNA is an exact copy. does this make the genetic engineer a god because he can now concoct the blueprint of life?
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    e diba ang DNA structure ng tao e magkakaiba at walang kapareho?
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    thats not exactly true. identical twins have identical DNA

    and dude if nag aral ka ng basic biology or nanonood ka ng CSI, nandoon ang reason why aside from identical twins, each person has unique a unique DNA pattern.
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    DNA fingerprints are unique because of recombination events that occur when gametes are formed. Every cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes, right? Well during meiosis, the pairs line up and sometimes information is swapped from one chromosome to the other (with the exception of the X and Y in males). Then the pairs split apart and the gametes have only 1 chromosome from each pair, newly rearranged. Because recombination in random, the genetic information carried in each gamete will be unique. So that when fertilization occurs, the full diploid genome for each individual is also unique.

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 441AASyYGJ
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    Yan yung isa sa pinaka paborito ko fact to prove sa mga naniniwala na si Jesus ay tao lamang...
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    sabihin natin worst case scenario as put by j0sefuz. Assume natin talagang never talaga ma explain ng science ang different DNA between individuals and ang snowflakes

    how does that prove that christianity is the true religion? What if a hindu or a shinto made j0sefuz's accusation?

    proving something false does not always prove another thing true
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    Looks like this thread is already quite long and i'm a late comer here. no recent activity.
    Glad to see you pcruztemp. this is Darkangel from the extinct PCexperts forum bro. :)

    anyways just wan't to share this to everyone

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    wow! resurrecting this thread.

    watch this, it's a good debate about the bible by the intellectuals, researchers, scientists etc..etc..

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    That was really interesting! i've watched all of the 4 parts. looks like several religious people went morally liberal in their point of view at the end, no longer viewing the bible as the sole & ultimate source for morality.:)

    What's fascinated me is Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Alis' point of view that the bible is only and rightfully the biggest source of moral ethical value (if not the sole and ultimate authority on morals). I strongly reject this idea. Morality can emerge without the bible's influence. In fact, there are a lot of cultures that has come up with moral & ethical values without the Judeo-christian influence. Philippines, for example has its our moral values long before its being Christianized, and so other countries as well. It seems that humans bounded in a society, living as a group, and constantly constrained with the dangers and limits of its environment, are capable of producing morality and ethical values perhaps due to the need of social cohesion, idealism, peace, and survival. It just happen that christian doctrine became dominant because of political influence which started with the Roman Empire.

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    I'm sorry that this thread did not fit your expectation. But glancing at the thread topic you can see why. this topic is about the existence of God. therefore you will see both sides of the argument about Gods' existence. some people have reasons to believe and others don't. its for us to decide. however in my case, i don't believe the existence of God since there is no evidence whatsoever that can solidly nail his existence. Beliefs don't prove anything, evidence does.

    Here's another beautiful recent documentary that shows that Gods existence is improbable, almost impossible. enjoy!

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    atheist - i don't believe in gods and I don't bother other people
    antitheist - also known as radical atheist. I do try to convince others since I believe that the world will be a better place without religion
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    The idea of God was rooted in common sense. as we observe our world through our senses we see the natural law of cause & effect, everything in world it seems has some cause. eg. rivers are caused by rain, rain is caused by clouds, clouds are caused by water vapor that came from the sea, vapor was caused by the sun.,ect... Could the ultimate cause of everything be God? Our ancestors thought so. Thus the beginning of the concept of God. Such was the idea that guided our civilization throughout history.

    However, as we enter our technological age, we have discerned that our feeble senses are inadequate to study our world more precisely. Common sense was no longer enough. We began inventing machines & equipments that are many times more powerful than our human senses allow, and to peer on other areas as well that we can't normally detect. Telescopes, microscopes, satellites,atomic accelerators etc..... These increased our understanding of the natural laws.

    One of the most dramatic discoveries that i can think of is the enhanced understanding of cause & effect or causality. We have discovered that in the subatomic level, quantum particles no longer obey the familiar law of causality. A particle can exist out of nothing. Heck even the laws of thermodynamics no longer apply! Moreover, (Albert Einstein and others) General theory of Relativity shows that time has a beginning and that the universe started as an infinitesimally small & dense point that burst into a big bang.

    These modern ideas has shown that the causality idea is not always true at all times. This in turn overturns the need of a Creator to cause it all. Our beloved word "God" becomes threatened and shaken. Here's the reason why:

    1. If the universe started so small, smaller than quantum particles we see now, then the rule of causality no longer applies to it. At the quantum scale quantum mechanics takes place requiring no causality. Thus the universe can exist out of nothing.

    2. Time, if run backwards ends at the big bang. If time didn't exist before the big bang, then there is no time for a God to create the universe in. It's like asking for directions to the edge of the Earth. The Earth is a sphere, it doesn't have an edge, so it is a futile exercise. (Stephen Hawkins argument). I might add as well that there is also no time for Gods' existence.

    So here we have it. now it looks probable that God did not exist considering how humans come up with such idea and how modern science shows that our universe could have existed without cause. Ofcouse, any evidence, suggestive or not, for the Gods' existence will be equally interesting.
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    some people would disagree and they say that our genetics predisposes us to spirituality and hence religion and this predisposes us to look for the ultimate cause as you said. but also, common sense and the ability to formulate a question like that is ultimately a side effect of a larger brain


    BTW, neanderthals and H hiedelbergensis are NOT human beings
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    there are other hypotheses on how religion evolved


    another one is that morality evolved first before religion. you can see that in animals

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