Globelines IP Address and DNS Servers

Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by mindless, Jun 3, 2007.

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    ^^Just login as admin to /globe and click on "Interface Setup" and then "LAN". Scroll down to DNS section and select "Use User Discovered DNS Only" from the dropdown box, then enter the appropriate addresses on the primary and secondary fields.

  2. sir pano to ggwin sa prolink 6300G
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    hmmm, static kami pero yan ang simula ang ip address namin.
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    ^^Based on my experience here, yung mga IP na nakukuha ko from that block eh nasa likod ng TP... Hindi ba kayo nasama?
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    no, hindi kami kasama sa tp. sabi naman ng globe na lahat ng naka-static ip ay hindi dumadaan sa tp. and i think tama nga sila.
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    Hmmm... Probably just those IPs assigned to PPPoE DHCP then, but a portion of the same block is assigned to static IP accounts... Kakakuha ko lang ng IP na ganiyan ang range last week when there was power interruption, and I was put behind the TP as usual...

    Anyway, thanks for the additional info. ;)

  7. thanks sir try ko,.. anung best DNS n gmitin,..
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    You can choose:


    Google DNS:

  9. thanks sir try ko to,.. sir ask ko lang what if may nkuha ko magandang IP from Globe, pede bang gamitin ko ung DNS nun sa router config ko..
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    ^^Pwede naman... As long as reliable yung mga DNS address na iyon, then by all means use them. :)

  11. thanks sir,.. :D

  12. just tested it sir,.. I felt the difference this is a big help tnx for this :D :D
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    ^^You're welcome. Glad it worked out ok for you... Enjoy!
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    I believe GLOBE uses DHCP to assign dynamic IP address to DSL resident subscribers. From the outside like in the office if the firewall permits, how can I access remotely like remote assistant not knowing my residential IP address? Again provider uses NAT, how will I know my public IP address?
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    ^^Hmmm... First determine what is your IP address by 1) logging onto your modem GUI and see the WAN IP address you get. 2) Go to and see if the address displayd there matches your address on the modem. If they match, then that number is certainly your IP address.

    You want to access your PC remotely, even on Dynamic IP? Use Dynamic DNS freeware ( ). Specifically:

  16. How would you know if you were assigned with a good IP and if your IP is behind TP? I have a WAN IP of right now, is this good?
  17. josekym

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    ^^What you do is go to and see the IP address being reported by the site. Note that down and compare it with the IP address which your modem WAN port gets. Are they the same? If yes, then you are on a "good" IP. If not, then you are probably behind the TP.

  18. Ive learned something new again from you sir. I checked and my wan IP didnt matched with whatismyip reported. Perhaps I would restart my modem til I get a good IP.
  19. josekym

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    But are both addresses within the public Internet addresses of Globe?

    What IP address did report? If it was 120.28.64.xx, then it's the TP. Globe has a certain group of IP addresses assigned to their TP, and from my observation here, they are:

  20. I remember I had prefix of 222 from earlier not 120. Anyway I restarted my modem and have a WAN IP address of now. The first two 3 digits are matching with whatismyip and the rest are different from my WAN IP. ok lang ba yun?

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