Globelines and PLDT heat up the competition

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  1. It hasn't been easy for Globelines to gain market share in the Philippine DSL scene over the past few months. We can probably attribute this to PLDT's dominance in the mainstream market being in the market years ahead Globelines.

    For the past year, Globelines has had better bandwidth per peso rates than PLDT MyDSL with the following rates:

    768kbps at 995php/month (256kbps more than PLDT's old Plan 999), 1mbps for 1495php/month (about a thousand php cheaper than PLDT's old 1.2mbps plan), and 2mbps for 1995php/month (about a thousand php cheaper than PLDT's old 2.2mbps plan).

    Globelines was a clear choice for areas who had Globelines, PLDT was slower, and PLDT's customer support had a bad reputation. PLDT, however, seemed to respond to Globelines last month. PLDT heated the competition with new rates:

    1mbps at 999php/month (256kbps more than Globelines Plan 995), and 2mbps at 1995php/month (the same as Globelines Plan 1995). They directly competed with Globelines' rates.

    PLDT offered more in the low-end, and at the same time was the only provider to offer a residential 5mbps plan (which was priced at 3000php/month). PLDT took back the 1st place trophy in the bandwidth per peso area until mid-august when Globelines heated up the competition even more with PLDT with another upgrade to Globelines' services:

    They offered a whopping 1.5mbps at 995php/month (512kbps more than PLDT's Plan 999), and 3mbps for 1995php/month (1mbps more than PLDT's Plan 1995). On top of that, they also offered 1mbps WITH FREE LANDLINE at 1295php/month (compared to PLDT's 1mbps(999php) + landline(685php), which is equal to 1684php). They still do not have a 5mbps plan, however.

    The competition is just starting to heat up, and let's hope it just keeps getting hotter. Hopefully, more companies will get into the competition so that bandwidth here will be cheaper. The more competition, the better for us consumers.

    Hopefully, the competition will also make ISPs more conscious with how they treat their customers... better customer support, anyone?

    When do you think will 5mbps be as cheap as 1995php/month here in the Philippines? Hopefully, soon.
  2. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    i hope pldt catches up with globe...
  3. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    I hope both of those ISP's would work together to make improvements regarding our internet connection here in The Philippines.

    Malay niyo, we could match up with Singapore's 100MBPS DSL. :mrgreen:
  4. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    sana hindi lang sila mag increase sa ADS nila at iincrease nila talaga sa dapat na speed na narereceive ng customer nila. Magaling lang sila sa Pagpapakita wala namang gawa :roll:

  5. hmm mas maganda pa rin destiny 999 sa bandwidth/peso kaysa sa pldt. ewan ko lang ngayon. medyo pumapangit na kasi ung service. 2.5 mbps naging 1.5 tapos 1 mbps nalang. nakakainis din.

  6. Well, as of the moment, I've been having no problems with my Globelines 2mbps (now 3mbps) :) I don't know about PLDT though, but, to my knowledge, their service seems to vary from person to person...

    I used to be with Destiny, they have poor service if you ask me, and they don't really promise any definite speeds. In my area, for example, I used to enjoy 1.5mbps, until Destiny went down for a day and went 512kbps, which was irritating. Thing with Destiny is that you have no real right to complain about the speed because they don't really guarantee you anything but a broadband internet connection (that can range from 0kbps-whatever speed).
  7. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    sana dalian nang PLDT na gumawa ng bagong Promo na pacakge din (na sa tingin ko eh di nila gagawin hehe) dahil malapit na matapos contract ko sa globe at pumapanget na service nila napuputol ako sa mga Download site ng masubukan ko naman ang PLDT or Kung hindi eh mag-uupgrade nalang ako sa GLOBE

  8. Thing with PLDT is medyo dominant parin sila sa market, so wala naman parin talagang reason para sa kanila magpaganda ng service...

    Of course, they competed with Globe's prices just the past month, but I don't expect them to beat Globe in the bandwidth per peso area till at least half a year. They obviously wouldn't want bandwidth to get cheap fast here in the country, so they can't just compete and compete with Globe's prices right away.
  9. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    a 100mbps DSL?? although there is a variant flavor of DSL that support 100mbps but currently in the market is 24mbps or ADSL2+...

    or are you refering to docsis 3.0 cable 100mbps? of starhub?

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