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    Galing sa TPC pinost ni arvinkent

    Globe WiMAX Prepaid @3Mbps ... 9wTUAAADVe


    Whats new with Globe Wimax?
    • PREPAID: Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G is the only Prepaid internet for the home. All other wireless prepaid internet services are for mobile or outdoor use.
    • FAST: It is super fast at 3Mbps
    • No network congestion

    Do I need to submit anything to avail of Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G?
    • No, need to submit any documents.
    • Just pay P2,900 for the Globe Prepaid WiMAX kit.

    What's do I need in order to start surfing?
    • You will need at least P60 to be able to avail of the 1-day unlimited surfing.
    • You will be given a virtual number just like a prepaid mobile number. This is stickered on the box.
    • You can load your device through the following using this virtual number:

    • Globe Load retailer or Autoload Max
    • Share-A-Load
    • ATMs
    • GCASH

    How does the 1-day unlimited surfing work?
    • The 24-hour period starts after you click "Start" in the User Portal. Note that you will only be able to click Start if your unit has at least P60.

    Can I load an amount that is worth more than the value of 1-day unlimited surfing, e.g. more than P60.
    • Yes, you can. When the first day pass ends, you will have to press "Start" to begin the next day pass.

    How do I reload my Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G Kit?
    • You can reload through:
    • Globe Load retailer or Autoload Max
    • Share-A-Load
    • ATMs
    • GCASH

    Can I use my Globe WiMAX-4G in other places?
    • Yes, it is portable. You can use it in other places where Globe WiMAX is present.

    I am a current Globe WiMAX Postpaid or Globe DSL subscriber. Can I shift to prepaid?
    • Yes, if your contract period has lapsed.

    There are 2 types of Wimax modems available, the small and big one, which one is best for me?
    • The type of modem you should get depends on your location.
    • After checking the coverage maps, if your area is more than 800 meters away from the Wimax cellsite, you should get the bigger modem. If you are less than 800 meters away from the Wimax cellsite, you can get the smaller modem.

    How much does the big and small modem cost?
    • Small Modem (Model: UH235): P2,900
    • Big Modem (Model: BM622): P4,500

    What if I am not happy with my Globe Wimax Prepaid 4G kit, can I return it?
    • If you are not happy with your Globe Wimax Prepaid Kit, you can return it within 7 days from the date of purchase.
    • Requirements:

    • Kit must be complete and in good condition
    • Official Receipt

  2. na try mo na ba yan?? mganda ba sa ol games??
  3. pcruztemp

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    technically only wimax-M is full 4g. malaman E or similar yan so 3.9g lang

    although thats a minor issue
  4. pcruztemp

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    any new isp or plan that is not too disadvantageous to the consumer is welcome. It gives you more choice.

    aside from the per day charging, it would be nice to have a per 15 min/30 min just like globe tatoo or smart bro prepaid.

    Is the 3 mbps actually attainable?
  5. manok00

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    Pwede na ito @ 3Mb. Tapos pre-paid pa, ma test nga
  6. pcruztemp

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    unless plano mo mag all day all night downloading mas ok ang per hour man lang charging

  7. im sure ang isasagot sayo ng globe kapag tatanungin mo sila kung yung 3mb eh attainable..

    "sir, depende po sa reception ng signal.." - oo depende talaga yan sa reception ng signal kaya dapat iimprove muna nila yung WiMax na inooffer nila.. kasi sobrang hina ng signal dito sa area ko... nakakabuwisit.. naaabot ko nga yung speed pero ang hina ng signal 1 bar??? BADTRIP! tapos konting hangin lang... from 1 bar magiging.. 0 bar.. 0% signal na.. haayyy naku.. yan ang mali dito sa pinas.. sunod sunod ang launching nila ng products.. kung tumutok muna kaya sila sa isa? hanggang maPerfect nila..or atleast stable signal and speed.. diba?
  8. duhwho

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    wow cool may prepaid... para at least hindi ka lock in hehehe

    sana smart wimax may prepaid na rin hehehe
  9. moliro

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    hmmm gusto ko yan... retailer ka ba TS?

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