Globe tattoo, Smart bro & Sun Broadband FREE UNLOCKING

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  1. hope this forum will allow me to calculate unlock codes for FREE.

    just post IMEI here

    e220 is not included (search for free unlocking software)


    just insert unaccepted SIM to modem then run modem software.
    see pic below

    Carrier: Globe Prepaid
    APN: or
    User name: globe or blank
    Password: globe or blank
    #: *99#
    Carrier: Globe Postpaid
    User name: globe or blank
    Password: globe or blank
    #: *99#
    Carrier: Smart
    APN: internet
    User name: blank
    Password: blank
    #: *99#
    Carrier: Sun Cellular
    APN: minternet
    User name: blank
    Password: blank
    #: *99#


  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    cellphone pwede??

  3. Hi pls calculate my unlocked code

    this is my model type: E156c
    EMEI: 358641020427216
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  5. donetus

    donetus Member

    let's give him the benefit of the doubt .. pero .. i wouldn't be posting such information here .. heheh .
  6. cORnviTz

    cORnviTz Member

    baka hack code yan?

  7. genexide

    genexide Member

    pansin ko lang si TS at si 02410021

    pareho sila ng sig.. he he.. :)
  8. klyster

    klyster Member

    Bug yan sa PDSL gen. diba kahit yung mga bago nuon, nakapareho ko yung SIG, ang silipin nyo dyan yung IP.
  9. genexide

    genexide Member

    ahh.. bug pala yun.. he he.. sori sori.. :)

    teka, pwede ba yan sa rules and regulations naten?
  10. klyster

    klyster Member

    Bawal yung tayo manilip ang alam ko, pero kung yung sa thread naman, okay lang to, unless may magreklamo. Pero kahit ako may doubt dito... Uhmm I think the TS needs to work out more his cloaking method hahaha..
  11. alucardver

    alucardver Member

    wah, hack yata ito eh, once na ibigay mo yung IMEI mo, pwede na nilang magamit yung connection mo. parang gagawa sila ng Clone ng Device mo, syempre ang nakaregister sa database ng mga ISP na yan is yung IMEI mo. yun eh kung di ako nagkakamali.
  12. klyster

    klyster Member

    Yep ganyan nga ang gamit sa cloning, pero will see...
  13. rhoelcruz

    rhoelcruz Member

    http://coolbusteratyourservice.blogspot ... -line.html

    yan po link po sa ibang forum my openline po yan

    di ko makita ung cd ko na binili sa instructor nung nagpaseminar samin eh pero my calculator pero alam ko jan 5 attempts lang ung pwede. not sure tagal na eh trick daw jan piliin mo ung 1,last,middle,ten tsaka maghula sa mga unock code na ibibigay sayo
    sana naka tulong :)
  14. donetus

    donetus Member

    good question ..

    teka, ano ba makukuha kung ma-unlock mo yung Globe/Sun/Smart broadband?
  15. speedshred26

    speedshred26 Member

    teka unlock code ? para san yan ? para magamit mo libre ang internet ng globe/sun/smartbro ?
  16. hapahopi

    hapahopi Member

    meron ako nahanap unlock para sa smartbro mf627. nasubukan ko na mapagana ito sa smart at globe. pm niyo ako kung gusto niyo.
  17. motion55

    motion55 Member

    After ma-unlock pwede na sa ibang service provider. IMHO, locking the phone is unethical on the part of the service providers. Pwede yan pag hinuhulugan mo pa ang phone at naka plan ka. Pero kahit nabili mo na ang modem sa kanila, naka lock pa rin kahit sa iyo na ito.

    Let's allow this guy to give this service for free when you allowed somebody else to advertise the same service sa Buy and Sale area.

  18. I also believe that locking the phones/modem is unethical. First of all, it's yours already because you paid for it. Unlike softwares which are intangible materials and only warrants the use of it, phones are tangible things and there's no such agreement exist on which network it is allowed to be used. The limit is put by the network, and is rather very imposing, manipulative and oppresive. When "we buy," this means that there is a transfer of ownership already. So the network provider doesn't own or have any claim in any regard to the item. As a consumer, and the new owner of the item, we have every right to do whatever pleases us to the item. In fact as a consumer, we have every right to maximize the use of the item. If the network service provider doesn't contribute to the maximization of the features of the item (slow speed), we can at any time, change providers.

    This is also the case with the Iphone in the US wherein they are locked to a certain provider. They have a telco law giving consumers the power to choose a provider for their mobile phone. It is being lobbied already by thousands of Iphone users.

    Therfore, I don't think that anyone who would offer to unlock our phones or modem violates any board rules.
  19. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Sa ibang bansa like in the UK, after matapos mo na ang lock-in period ng plan, pwede i-hingi ang unlock code for free.

    Maroon na bang nakahingi the unlock code from Sun, Smart or Globe for your modem pagkatapos ng lock-in period?

  20. oi wag nyo ako cnasale jan naghahanap lang tlga ako ng code ng smart bro ko

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