Globe PROLINK H5201 needs to be set in bridge mode

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a new globe dsl subscriber. they gave me a prolink h5201 modem/router. I'm currrently using a DLINK DI-LB604 to load balance my PLDT DSL and Globe DSL, problem is when i look at the configuration of the DLINK router, I see that im given a private IP addess which means the Prolink modem isnt on a bridge mode configuration. I basically need my Prolink to be just a modem. Ive taken a look at the Prolink interface and di ko makita paano sya gawing bridge mode. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Before proceeding, first write down all your settings found on the H5201 (i.e. WAN, LAN, NAT, etc.).

    1) Connect the modem directly to a PC
    2) Enter the web GUI and delete all the interfaces defined on the WAN port (i.e. ATM VC Table - PPPoE), and then define a 1483 Bridge interface using the VPI/VCI of Globe.
    3) Define a PPPoE dialer on the PC for testing.
    4) Try the connection for functionality.

    If all goes well, then just disconnect and delete the PPPoE dialer you made, connect the modem to the router WAN port and define the PPPoE dialer there again.

  3. Thats the problem.... when i enter the web GUI i cant find anything that refers to (i.e. ATM VC Table - PPPoE). Is it possible they are using a custom firmware? where these settings are hidden? will a PLDT Zyxel P600 modem work with a Globe connection? tried it and the DSL indicator lights up but wont connect...
    Thanks! :)

    This is the only things i see in the Admin part of the GUI

  4. Image found here

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    admin / admin
    Admin / 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

  7. It took Admin / 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e but gave me same options in the GUI ... duda ko custom firmware ito
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    Did you login at /globe? Try using Internet Explorer on it.
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  9. Yes!!! the /globe did it!! working on the setting it to bridge mode now!! thank you sooo much!!

  10. patulong po mga sir, pano po ba ibridge ang prolink h5201 at Lp-8616c na wireless router..newbie po here..Globe broadband wired ang connection ko..
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    ^^The steps are outlined on this same thread.

  12. pano q b m fix ung prolink h5201 wired q?

  13. gumagana pa ba ito? bkit di ko na ma-access ung
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    (Teka buhayin ko lang 'tong thread na 'to for a fellow member ha. OK na kasi screenshots dito. Ili-link ko to in another thread.)

    - Make sure to access your modem as admin. Directly connect to the modem wired or wireless.
    - Go to (replace xxx to what is assigned to you, default username: Admin / default password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e)
    - Move cursor on "Advanced" menu link on top of the modem interface, then select WAN Setup submenu
    - Click WAN settings navigation link that will appear @ left of modem interface page
    - Under Current ATM VC Table, click on the radio button under "Select" column
    - On Channel Mode, select from the drop down menu "1483 Bridge"
    - Save Config

    Once the modem is @ bridge mode, you will no longer see the Internet light indicator @ modem. DSL light should be steady green. For security purposes, I changed the (long) default admin password.
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  15. hello mga sir,

    can someone please confirm pag na set ko na yun router to bridge mode.... puwede na ba ako mag open ng ports?
    kasi sa router ko palagi nag close automatically. Meaning na open ko na port tapos mag close na ulit pag nag refresh ng IP ang globe.

    thanks guys

  16. Hi sir. Nagawa ko ito sa Aztech DSL5001EN, nawala na yung ilaw sa Internet indicator. Pero blinking yung DSL.
    Ano po gagawin? may na-miss po ba ako? I-connect ko kasi siya sa binigay sa akin na router linyksys e4500..
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    just put /globe sa gateway
    Admin / 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

    para lumitaw ang WAN settings.

  18. Kung may naset na kayung password yun nalang gamiting nyo paglogin

  19. Sir my problem po ako sa Aztech5018 Globe po kailangan ko kasing maibridge po ito sa router kaso lang pag mag test ako using PPPOE ndi po successful..
    Thank you po

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