Globe Plan 2 Mbps H5001N adsl2+

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    Globe DSL Plan 2 Mbps Modem Information


    Note: Did you noticed the distance Measurement?
    The Lower the Faster your Speed.. its default is 1000 (m)

    Globe Upstream/Downstream information
    i get higher error cause i have high speed connection right?
    Speedtest w/ 5 pc's Connected and 1 Stream HD Movies


    Wi-Tribe SpeedTest..

    if 2 or 3 pc's connected all of them reached 2.00+ DL Speed 1 week Monitored Speed is stable i'm paying 1,300 a month
    Date April 01, 2012

    Highest Speed Achieved Plan 2 Mpbs Distance Measurement 600 (m)

    by the way i don't run a Computer Shop, i have 9 pc's so far not to mention Wifi gadgets 3 Routers. i sell my internet to my neighbors hehehe,
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    By the way w/phone line po yan...2 mbps plan w/ Phone....ok na po ba ito sir? comments naman..kung same sa inyo.. thanks.
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    Bakit Makati Server mo, diba dapat Mandaluyong?
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    Same Router modem. Same Bundle Plan 2Mbps

    Mandaluyong Server. Globe Server Mismo


    Pansinin mo yung sa iyo A-. Pansinin mo yung sa akin A lang ;)
    Tsaka pansinin mo yung Stars mo 2 1/2 lang. Pansinin mo yung sa akin 3 stars
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    sir dami kasi naka connect sakin walang patayan ung router ko at modem, ito ung set up ko modem-->>firewall router->>>>wisp router---->router NAT lahat, at ung server ko makati palagi default niya, pag nilipat ko mandaluyong mabilis lng unti, same din, ask ko lng po ung error sayo sir same ba tayo? dun sa adsl statistics, first router ko is EDIMAX,.
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    Yang H5001N lang kasi gamit ko. Kadalasan CRC downstream lang may error sa akin. Check ko bukas kung ano may error or post ko dito. May dinadownload lang kasi ako kaya yung ZyXEL na modem gamit ko para wala muna wifi mga laptops ng mga anak ko hehehe... :)
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    Thanks sir, wala ako mapag compare, sa ADSL status, post mo rin ung Profile sir, ung DSL status like measurement distance Dl/Ul speed thanks
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  9. Janbjorn

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    wew mukhang kakaiba ung nangyayari sa modem ko ahh, kahit kakarestart ko lng ung error ganun agad k dami, pero ung speed ko mabilis namn, streaming movies HD, gaming low ping naman,and sometimes i get 150 (m) distance measurement
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    I'm just kind of afraid because, i'm making business out of it, i let them connect and pay 500 Pesos monthly, i'm making profit at plan 1299, in our area i have high speed connection compare to shops paying 5 mbps, can someone help me explain this to me..

    Here's my Updated DSL Status is this Normal? as you can see the error in my modem

    Error i get, is this Normal? is someone has different Idea or point of view to explain this

    My Network at Home Those Network Device is router w/ Pc connected

  11. sir bakit po sakin pag uncheck ko ung modulation settings sa gui at iwanan naka check lang is ung adsl saka adsl+, hindi maka connect ung modem ko? sabi lang sa status screen handshaking, starting..
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    ^^That means hindi naka-ADSL2+ mode yung line mo. Try g.DMT modulation.
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    ano po plan ninyo, 2 mbps ba? at na flash mo po ba ung firmware ng modem ninyo? kasi before ko gawin yang setup na adsl+2 at adsl, naka flash ung modem ko sa version 3.6R may thread ako na isa sir, un po ung flash na ung Modem ko ng 3.6 R Firmware,
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  14. gumana po ung g.dmt pero no change sa ping - 101ms pa rin..

    patulong naman po

    ADSL Router Status

    This page shows the current status and some basic settings of the device.
    Alias Name PROLiNK H5004N ADSL Wireless Modem
    Uptime 0 0:6:55
    Firmware Version RTK V2.1-Std 4WN1 3.CR
    DSP Version 2919b729
    Name Servers
    Default Gateway
    Operational Status G992.1, SHOWTIME.(Interleave)
    Upstream Speed 1024 kbps
    Downstream Speed 6144 kbps
    Distance Measurement 1600 (m)
    LAN Configuration
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    DHCP Server Enable
    MAC Address 90610c02e7a0
    Statistics -- ADSL Line

    Mode G992.1
    Latency Interleave
    Trellis Coding 1
    Status SHOWTIME.
    Power Level L0

    SNR Margin (dB) 10.5 11.0
    Attenuation (dB) 30 19
    Output Power (dBm) 19 12
    Attainable Rate (Kbps) 7976 kbps 1272 kbps
    Rate (Kbps) 6144 kbps 1024 kbps
    K (number of bytes in DMT frame) 193 33
    R (number of check bytes in RS code word) 16 12
    S (RS code word size in DMT frame) 1 4
    D (interleaver depth) 64 8
    Delay (msec) 16 8
    FEC 1 3
    CRC 0 0
    Total ES 0 0
    Total SES 0 0
    Total UAS 0 0
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    Make sure admin privilege ka bago mo gawin ito,..
    I will recommend activate mo po ung annex M at annex L at bitswapping at ung sa baba nun tapos check mo lng ung adsl, adsl+2 and g.dmt then sa Atm setting select CBR tapos if the value is 6144 change it to highest like 7000 it depends to your modem.... i think your plan is 5mbps... magbabago ung distance measurement or last mile mo for sure pag activated ung adsl or adsl2+ then ung dsl operational status mo dapat G.922.5 which is adsl2+ kung ayaw gumaga sa umpisa On off mo po ung router make sure to click save button para ndi ma baliwala ung settings mo,tapos on off ung router, dapat maka connect k na niyan...

    Distance measurement mo is, 1600 Wow, layo ng last mile mo sir, dapat mababa yan,

  16. thanks sir.. 3mbps lang po connection ko.. wala ayaw tlga gumana ng admin/password or Admin/3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e di ko po m abago.. siguro dahil dahil sa model ng modem ko.. pano po kaya makuha ung admin pass nito? thanks tlga sa effort sir


    0 35 UBR 6144 0 --- ---

    ung pcr lang po ba babaguhin to 7000? anything else po?

  17. sorry for double post wala na edit button sa last post ko.. gusto ko lang idagdag na nakita ko ung admin password for prolink H5004N from this website:

    the problem is, ayaw gumana. kailangan ba i reset ko muna modem at hindi ko muna ilagay ung account credentials ko? tapos dumiretso muna ako sa siguro ayaw gumana kanina kasi na sync ko na ung account ko sa modem.. try ko ulit kaya i reset mamaya tapos diretso ako sa admin login? kung hindi gumana, kaya ba makuha sa telnet ung admin credentials? na search ko to sa web di ko sure if nagana:

    ftp to your modem's IP address
    Windows XP:
    start>run> type cmd and enter
    login using user/user
    get config.xml
    edit config.xml
    search for super_admin account
    that's it!


  18. Janbjorn

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    This one works to get the admin password, change UBR to CBR then maximized PCR value to the highest...
    and case sensitive ung username at password,

  19. sir pag na extract ko na ung config.xml hindi ko alam san hahanapin..
    saka try ko pala ung default for h5004n na admin/password pero this time lumalabas page not found 404.. and weird kasi pag incorrect ung password babalik ung login page pero pag gamit ko ung admin/password nag page cannot be found 404.. huhuhuhu nawawalan na ko ng pag asa.. dapat kinu ha ko tlga ung cellphone nung contractor eh..
  20. Janbjorn

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    sir type mo po ung lcd na command para alam mo kung saan na sasave ung file na un.....pag nag ftp ka...
    dapat ang commnd to get the files is

    get config.xml


    hope it helps..,,

    try mo itong mga default password


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