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Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by PJ_2014, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Globe DSL installed yesterday.
    6Mbps + Phone Package.
    Modem/Router syncs at 3072/1020 kbps is 2.55/0.84 Mbps
    So a rate about 50% of what I paid for.

    Online chat with Globe and they state "please be informed that for account activation process this will takes after 48 hours upon installation".
    I ask them what this means (many times) and it is mostly scripted replies but I take it to mean my rate will be increased to 6Mbps in 48 hours. But this is from this reply which is the most sensible one I got: "what I mean is you need to monitor first your account activation after 48 hours".

    Is anyone able to confirm that after 48 hours the speed will be increased or was I just speaking to a script droid?

    Never had DSL in Philippines before. In UK you automatically get your line synced to the maximum and then it is monitored over a week or until the best speed/stability sync is found through rate adaptation?. The IP profile is then set to that semi-permanently.
    Is it similar here?

    Many thanks.
  2. motion55

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    First the bad news. The 48 hours is not a hard deadline for Globe. It could take longer and might require several calls to make them act.

    Now the good news. You're on a 6mbps subscription. If you are getting speeds just below your subscription, customer service can just dismiss your complaint. Being 50% below, maybe they will be forced to act faster.

    Most of us are on 3mbps or below. Upgrading will put us on the usage cap. That's why the default DSL profile setting is 3072kbps. Those unlucky to subscribe to 3mbps, will only get 2.55mbps because of the PPPoE protocol overhead. But customer service usually can't or won't understand this and they would just dismiss your complaint. We have a word for it: "dedma"

    Welcome to the Philippines.

  3. Thanks for the info. Hopefully they will get this done by Monday (already hit the 48 hour mark). If not I will give them a call.
    Does my having 6Mbps mean I will be on a usage cap? Not sure I could cope with that.

    Will I need to restart the modem to pick up the new speed?

    Dedma. I like that. Same as first level CS in UK ;)

  4. It is 5Mbps. Just checked email. Not sure where I got the 6Mbps from.
    Anyway it is still, under and just rebooted router (67 hours after initial install) and is still on 3Mbps.
    Did the chat2globe again and they promises they would "escalate the activation of your service to our support team in high priority" and that they would respond today.

    Looking on-line it appears the 5Mbps is capped at 7 gig a day and download and upload are both counted into this. OUCH!
    But the 7Mbps plan and the 3Mbps plan are both not. Can this be confirmed please? If so maybe I need to choose one of these plans instead.
  5. motion55

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    They have to send a tech to the remote DSLAM box in your neighborhood. The tech would have to put your line on a faster slot. There was a time Globe was quick on this. Recently, they have reduced the tech subcontractors and so scheduling can take time.

    In hindsight, you should not have let go of the contractor when he installed your DSL. Checkout everything before signing acceptance. He was in a position to fix the problem right there.

  6. Hindsight would have been a wonderful thing lol ;)

    Well they did something today that has made my phone have a permanent engaged tone. Still the same now and been like it at least since 11:00am!
    Then a Globe engineer phoned me on my mobile this afternoon (while I was out queueing for cinema tickets) and said they need access to my premises to fix my issue with the connection. What?
    Anyway I just checked the router and it now syncs at 5Mbps (5117kbps).
    Now they just need to repair whatever they have done to my phone

    With Hindsight I would never have asked them for broadband or a phone in the first place ;)

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