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  1. czerwin2k7

    czerwin2k7 Member

    I've been experiencing no internet connection since March 02, 2018. No internet connection but phone working. Been contacting support almost everyday to make sure that rebates will be given.
    Any body experiencing the same issue?

    Area: Pasig, Nagpayong
    Number of days no internet: Since March 02, 2018 and counting. 16 days na pala haha... AMP
    What support says every time I call: system maintenance because the cabinet exceeds bandwidth. Their escalation is only through email and the only response from field team was there is a network issue. No update when this will going to end.
    Been receiving text that issue was resolve but when I call immediately they send another text that its still on going.

    Need help from anyone that can escalate things better that their support team.
    About to change from another ISP as soon as they confirm that they can install with in the third week of March.

    Feel free to share your experiences and sentiments.^_^ pang labas lng ng stress... hehe

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