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can i replace my stock modem with a third party modem

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  1. oenone

    oenone Member

    good day po mga sirs

    i just wanted to ask for help about globe dsl modem

    plan ko po kasi bumili ng tplink ADSL2+ Modem Router


    to replace the one issued by globe which is a huawei elife modem

    pangit po kasi sir ang hina ng wifi at parang problematic yung modem , 2x ko na napalitan tapos later ko na lang nalaman na may charge pala yung nagpa change ng modem ng globe.

    kaya was looking for another solution

    baka po kasi pwede ko ma change ng third party modem router na tulad ng tplink

    i am currently subscribed on a plan 999 3mbps internet only

    hoping for a positive reply


  2. i registered in this thread as i have the same exact question and plan... though i am looking at the TD-W8961ND version...

    please help us out guys...


  3. mga sir pa help nman sino my alam ng password sa PROLINK
    Prolink H5004N1 aYAW gUmana Yung <<<user: admin password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e>>>> sir patulong salamt

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