Globe Broadband Package Rates

Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by dyoddyowel, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    Bundled Plans (Broadband with Landline)


    Broadband Only Plans (Data Only, No Landline)


    * with 24 months lock - in period

    ** with 12 months lock - in period

    To apply, simply submit an application form inclusive of your Valid ID and Proof of Income, or if you can not provide this, just pay one (1) month in advanced of your prescribed plan in any authorized business center near you.

    You can also call our Customer Care Hotline at (02) 919888 for Luzon, or (032) 4108888 for VISMIN TOLL - FREE via your Globe or TM Cellphone

    You can email us at for more other inquiries.
  2. alimokoiii

    alimokoiii Member

    baket yung iba agent my free 2G usb or lexmark printer?
  3. badrra

    badrra Member

    Mr/Ms dyoddyowel,

    bakit po ninyo hindi sinasabi na mahigit sampu kaming mag hahatihati sa bandwidth na inaadvertise mo? halimbawa po sa 520kbps na connection, ang isang inocenteng subscriber ay malamang makuha lang nya ay 57kbps sa buong magdamag.But never the less pag babayarin nyo po sya ng presyo ukol sa 520kbps?

    di po ba maliwanag na panloloko itong ginagawa nyong mga taga Globe?

    Para sa mga di nakakaalam, 1/10 lang po ang makukuha nyong speed na binibili ninyo pero ang singil sanyo ng Globe e 100%. Yan po ay sinabi na sakin ng mga taga Globe at kaya ko paong ipakita sa inyo kung pano nila ginagawa ito. Kaya wag kayong dalidaling mag subscribe dyan at yan ay numero unogn mandaraya. Di nyo din ba napapansin na bigla na lang nawawala load ninyo na di nyo alam kung san napupunta?

    magisip kayo bago nyo kausapin si dyoddyowel. Ingat at wag kayong magpaloko.
  4. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    hehe.. dyoddyowel is just a moderator here in PDSL. wala siyang kaugnayan sa GLOBE or kung anu man internet provider dito sa pinas.. he is just doing his job as a moderator in a certain category.. posting some informations about globe and same as in the other categories..
  5. gls165

    gls165 Member


    yun lang.... hehehe!
  6. badrra

    badrra Member

    Taga globe ka ba? Sorry ha kung nailabas ko ang totoo. Yu lang din heheheheh
  7. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    bro wag muna ganyan.. yaan mo na... mainit lang talaga ulo nitong si badrra..
  8. gls165

    gls165 Member

    hehe! Di nya kilala si dyowel pre, nagmamalasakit lng yung tao. Tapos isang mainit ang ulo ang magagalit sa kanya.
    pre wag kang magalit or manisi ng ibang Tao, sa kasalanan ng IBA!
    and sa palagay ko eh ikaw ang may kasalanan sa problema MO! Matanda ka na at marunong ng PUMILI ng kung ano ang GUSTO mo

    Wag ka sanang magalit.
  9. badrra

    badrra Member

    A sya ang mainit ang ulo at hindi ako....anyway di ako papatol sa ganyang klase tao.
  10. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    ok guys lets finish this conflict.. OT na tayo eh..

    kung hindi nyo mabigilan sarili nyo.. better continue here ... highlight=
    thread mismo ni badrra to.

    respect lang sa TS. syang kasi yung thread eh.. mahahaluan ng away..

    hope my reply is the last reply.^_^
  11. gls165

    gls165 Member

    oo, uminit ang ulo ko dahil sayo pre. Dahan dahan ka kasi sa sinasabi mo.
  12. Blackrose

    Blackrose Member

    i think you will never get any sympathy on your unpleasant misfortune about your provider by directly attacking someone who has the best intention for this community. funny, your a member here since march 2007 but you have no idea who dyo was. on what part did you not get what greekolo said about the responsibility of a moderator? the least thing that you could do is apologize for your uncalled action and throw your spear on someone else but instead you held your ground and neglected your mistakes.

    anyways, about the topic . . .

    were contemplating on jumping away on the pldt bandwagon and hopefully move to globe.

    currently, we have 2mbps connection on pldt with advertised cost value of 3,000 vat exclusive. but when it comes to monthly bill, we averaged to 4,500.

    now were planning to change our provider to globe with:

    option 1
    data only ==> Php1,995 ==> 3mbps

    option 2
    data plus voice ==> Php1,995 ==> 2mbps

    hope its a good move . . .

    your story didn't affect me much.
  13. klyster

    klyster Member

    Ouch sino ka ba bakit naman ganyan ka magsalita, mag-ingat ka sa pananalita mo, kasi lumalabas na mal-educado ka, si buddy dyoddyowel pa tinira mo, amp pinost lang naman ni buddy yung packages.

    I am very satisfied with the service of Globe, particularly here in Baguio, mabilis ang response ng Technical Team nila sa problema, I get a speed 10 to 20% more from my actual package. But this is in Baguio, I am not sure with other places, dahil may bad reviews din akong nababasa.

    ---Announcement--- For Globe Users
    Nag-uupgrade sila ngayon, I think for 2 weeks, kaya yung mga nasa Cavite area, makakaranas ng pag-down ng system any time of the day daw, sinend lang sa akin ng friend ko, kasi susunod narin daw area namin, upgrade sila ng servers to add more user capacity and better service.
  14. badrra

    badrra Member

    I think its just a case of a "mistaken identity" after all the way it was presented it looks more like an ad. And yes i've been registered since 2007 but I do not know jowel or anyone in this forum as a matter of fact. It is not meant to point a finger at an individual but rather to point out an issue that is worth knowing especially those who are least aware.

    To end this issue ones and for all I am extending my apologies to jowel for a mistaken identity. As clarified previously, and was explicitly said, jowel is not in anyway connected to any of the Telcos. I hope this matter ends here.
  15. alimokoiii

    alimokoiii Member

    maybe confused lang yung isa dahil sa first post dun.. meron na mention na "you can call us" and "email us"... meaning.. sa pagkakaintindi ko dahil cya nag post.. he is part of it? tama po ba?

    if mali man ako.. please.. be responsible sa mga posting kung kasali ka ba dun or ur jst simply sharing the information that you believe makakatulog sa members dito.

    im planning to apply for dsl from globelines this week. coz i badly need it. :D
  16. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    yeah it looks like an ad alright, but come to think of it, did anyone see my personal contact number in that post?

    if i were a globe agent, i would handle their application personally and would have given my personal contact number so that they would apply thru me, otherwise how would i gain commission if they would apply directly to globe?

    all of this confusion would have been avoided by just using common sense...

    but i guess some of the people do not know what that is or how to use it so guess i should be more direct next time by explicitly stating that i do not work for any ISP...

    yes you did point your finger at me by posting this...

    if you were just pointing out an issue, you should have just said "magisip kayo bago mag-apply sa globe, Ingat at wag kayong magpaloko" instead of directly typing my name on that post...

    apology accepted...

    oh yes i agree with you, please to all members, be responsible sa mga posting... and don't forget to think first and use common sense before posting...
  17. gls165

    gls165 Member

    ok na.

    @sir dyowel,
    wag ka sana mapapagod sa ginagawa mong pagrtulong...hehehe!
  18. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    2007 ka pa pala registered then di mo pala kilala mga members dito lalong lalo na sir dyo, eh di wala ka karapatan na sabihin yun diba?
  19. Symantec

    Symantec Member


    taga globe ka na pala ngayun? hehehe...
  20. klyster

    klyster Member

    oist tama na, okay na, nag-apologize na sya.

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