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  1. Very useful Broadband Speed Tester

    I have been having problems with Zpdee Quality of Service (QoS) and found a very useful Broadband Speed Tester which is free to try the basic features & US$10 for the complete system. It is well designed & easy to use & gives Ping Tests, Packet Loss & Upload/Download throughputs for a cyclical set of servers in Europe, USA, Asia & Australia. It is also more accurate than other testers in that it doesn't use Javascript. The link is:

    Dan Elwell's Speed Tester

    I am trying to get Zpdee to produce a Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering Availabilty, QoS (MTTR, Ping, Packet Loss & Throughput at least) which if they fail to deliver said service within any given month will result in a rebate ranging from 1 week to 3 months depending on how badly they fail. The aim is not to get cost savings but to incentivise the ISP to maintain a quality service.

    I am interested in anyone who wants to exchange performance data on their ISP and possibly participate in a user group to provide multiple end user experiences and hence keep the pressure on the ISP
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  3. Hi there are many sites found similar to the one which you mentioned here ..I usually test the speed of my internet using sites like here they will measure the speed in Mbps...
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