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Discussion in 'Chat Lounge / Im Bored' started by Jowest, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    Free Webhosting share ko lang sa inyo sayang kasi ang slots kung di naman magagamit hehe

    Free Hosting Plan Summary

    Our free hosting platform uses the powerful VistaPanel which includes the following features:

    300 MB disk space
    Vista Panel
    Web mail
    9 GB Monthly transfer
    PHP Flags manager
    POP email accounts
    4 MySQL databases
    Automatic installer (29 scripts)
    EX. *phpbb, MyBB, PHP-Nuke, Wordpress, SMF and more popular php portals, gallery and forum .
    Password protected folders
    5 Add-on domains
    FTP account
    Php MyAdmin
    5 Sub domains
    File manager (browser upload)
    Clustered servers

    di ko pa po na uupdate yung website kaya yung ibang features dun eh iba sa nakasulat dito pero yan na ang new settings nyan :D
  2. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    pahingi naman ng domain...heheheh..pwedi?
  3. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    naka sub domain po yan eh.. mahal po domain hehehe
  4. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    Naka-subdomain ka pero nag-ooffer ka nang free hosting? :?
  5. Jowest

    Jowest Member

    yup may domain yan pero yung mga free host hanggang sub lang mabibigay ko...
  6. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    uu, yung site ko..sub domain rin...

    Sana maybigay ng libre advertisement sa site ko..forever..:)

  7. anyone try this free webhosting yet? Okay kaya?
  8. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    pwede ba sa akin yan?

    me gagawin akong project andun lahat mga favorites nyo... hehehehe...
  9. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    Parang alam ko na kung ano klaseng website ang gagawin mo ah. Hehehe... :lol:
  10. Jowest

    Jowest Member


    ok po yan.. backup po yan nang isa sa mga large hostintg site


    yup ok na ok yan design para pag praktisan yan nang use nang PHP, Databse at madami pang iba katulad nang favorite nila hahahahahaha

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