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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by badrra, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. badrra

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    I am setting up a website for a small company and I need a free web host na pwede kong ilagay itong site ko. Meron ba kayong alam na libre na wala o konti lang ang ads?
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    try this
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    kung meron ka ng existing domain name, eto ang list ng mga free webhosting sites with no ads.

    ako, i recommend dun nakalagay ang mga websites ko.
    may approval, pero mabilis naman. pati mga servers, mabilis din.
    powered by cPanel. upto 5 mysql database ata dun at pede kang magrequest kung dadagdagin mo pa. 2.5GB webspace, 45GB bandwidth

    previously, sa ako (though ung blog site ko nandun parin), easy magreg dun. no waiting. just keep your site alive. un nga lang, disadvantage is maraming nakasubscribe and causing database error connection pag minsan. at di cPanel ung ginagamit, pero parang ganun but limited lang. at 2 mySQL database lang. 1.5GB webspace, 100GB bandwith.
  5. badrra

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    Thanks guys for the quick response.

  6. how about ??
    maganda ba na host un?? cPanel po gamit nila..
  7. lordmight

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    You can host it in your company's server, use free DNS, or host it to your computer, much more better if you're the one that will host the files, for security and technical purposes.
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    get one from me :)
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    pm moko bibigyan kita.

  11. pls have this affordable hosting at P250 / year ( w/ 2gb storage. and also w/ 5gb same price.

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