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    The forced disappearances are going on a head when Supreme Court upheld the Commission on Human Rights' findings and has directed the military to produce Jonas Burgos. Burgos was abducted while he was having lunch at a restaurant inside the Ever Gotesco Mall in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

    With these developments, the military denied the involvement and is refusing cooperation as they did in other cases. Long processes will take place as these past cases that are still unsolved still need to be closed. There will be shout-outs from the human rights group and silent treatment from the military, delaying and playing enough time, waiting another issue to explode and somehow overshadow Burgos' case.

    Well, such is the military strategy and tactics. This will always happen because the military knowingly thought, forced disappearances is a very effective way of silencing political opposition. Filipinos are not against the Armed Forces, for they always protect the people as they should always do. What are the Filipinos voicing out against is from these forced disappearances and other violations of human rights, which is becoming a part of political culture here in the Philippines.

    It is very unfortunate for the Filipino people.

  2. I agree. Kahit kaninong administrasyon parating may mga taong biglang nawawala na lng bigla. Kapag naimbetigahan na, parati nmang nagtuturuan ang mga opisyal. Kaya mahirap ang pagunlad eh.

  3. Now, do you still believe in a democratic country?

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