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Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by papadodz10, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Hello guys,

    Just recently, my globe broadband wimax connection antenna type has installed in my house and im planning to buy a router for the benefits of my 3 pc. the problem is i dont know what router that is compatible for Huawei BM622 Echolife Wimax CPE. if you know some pls tell me.


  2. in my case, i connected my 622 directly to the switch/hub.

  3. really? it works? i mean u can connect and share the internet to other 2 pcs just using a hub without a router? So if that's the case then i need not to buy a router anymore.

  4. Pede ko bang papalit ung MF600 na modem ko sa Globe technician??
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    khit anung router gagana yan..

  6. Inquire k sa Globe, ask mu if pwede palitan mu nlng ung HUAWEI BM622 mo ng BM625 ksi 4 port un sa 3 pc n need mu.
    Or kung plan mu bili router make sure change mu ip ng router mu.

    this may help: ... iFi-Router
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    ^^Hindi na daw sila nagrerelease ng bm625.

  8. Hello, help needed. I've managed to install a Tenda W311R+ router with my BM622 CPE. I can successfully connect to the internet using wired connection via LAN ports but my laptop cannot see the wireless network so I can't connect using WiFi (but I can use my phone's wifi though). Anything I missed? Here are the current settings:

    1. No modifications done to the BM622 CPE. (my CPE has no provisions to edit configurations)
    2. Connected CPE to router WAN port. Desktop connected to LAN port. (based from router manual)
    3. Set the router to "dynamic IP", I used "auto detect" (static ba dapat?)
    4. CPE ( and router ( have different IP addresses.
    5. DHCP enabled in router (disabled ba dapat?)
    6. Security is still disabled.
    7. IP address for desktop and laptop set to automatically detect.

    Thanks in advance.
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    In your case, DHCP on the wifi router should be enabled.

    If you can access the WiFi using your phone, then it means your WiFI accesspoint is working. Tried checking the WiFi component on your PC/Laptop if it is properly turned on/configured?

  10. @josekym, thanks for the response. Yup, I tested my laptop's wifi here in the office and it's working perfectly, it's able to detect other available networks as well.

    Do I still need to do manual configurations on my router? I used it straight out of the box.

  11. Paano ko ma view ung wimax rssi ko?ano po ung itype sa address bar?,Nklimotan ko kasi ung itinuro sa aking ng technician.,pls help me!

  12. Anybody can help how to view the RSSI and SIGNAL STRENGTH of my Globe WIMAX ECHOLIFE BM622? I forgot what numbers to type in the address bar, the technician taught me before..
  13. yawakolera

    yawakolera Member google.

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