Finnish police detain boy for YouTube video threat

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    Finnish police detain boy for YouTube video threat

    HELSINKI (Reuters) - Police in Finland have detained a 16-year-old boy who posted a video called "Maaninka massacre" on the YouTube Web site, days after eight people were killed by a student who had posted a similar video on the Internet.
    Police said on Sunday the boy said his video was a joke.
    The boy, who lives in Maaninka, eastern Finland, was detained on Friday and his computer has been confiscated, it said in a statement.
    The video threat against Maaninka school, came after 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen shot six fellow students, two members of staff and himself with a hand gun at Jokela school.
    Auvinen started to make online postings in which he said he was planning a school massacre on Monday. The last posting was made less than hour before the shootings.
    Similar threats were made against schools in Kirkkonummi and Tuusula on Friday, forcing many students to leave schools early.

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    tsk tsk tsk grabe yan ah.... mahirap talaga pagnapunta ang baril sa maling kamay.

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