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Discussion in 'PLDT Home Fibr' started by guenther, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Since a few month I can see many poles where big rings of cable are hanging. Some are owned by PLDT, some by GLOBE.

    Where is it for or in other words, why they are doing that?

    One of these poles is less then hundred meters far away from my house and there is a ring of cable hanging with at least 100+ meters. But when I applied for FIBR, they told me there is no FIBR available in my area?

    Any idea ...?

  2. In my case, I noticed a proliferation of White Vans with 'HomeFiber' in my Subdivision and on the main Roads leading to it (as well as Cebu South Road towards Minglanilla).

    When I reported lousy speed on my existing ADSL they eventually sent a Technician (who had trouble finding my house in the Subdivision and would call our landline asking what Phase, Block/Lot. He was in such White Vans with 'HomeFiber'.

    I asked him if they had installed HomeFibr and he confirmed this Sub-Division Camella Homes, Lawaan 1, was now wired.

    One can enter the Address on PLDT Home to find if your Address has been wired.
    FibrUnli Plan 1899.jpg
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    @guenther the cables with the red strip is for pldt fiber
    don't get your hopes high because it will take months before they will start accepting applications.
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    @Britster according to a pldt tech I once spoken to.
    all contractors has been suspended because of illegal activities.
    the white fiber van all belongs to pldt now.
    which means they are trained in house for both existing adsl and fiber connections.
    pldt's problem atm is there aggressive expansion for some areas and this might lead again to exhaustion of current facilities like what happened in 2000

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