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Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by Norfür, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I'm on plan 999. That gets me about 3.0 Mbps. For the past couple of days, however, my DU Meter (confirmed by has been clocking in at double that, at 6.0 Mbps.

    Is PLDT upgrading their systems, and increasing the speed on their plans? Or is this a fluke that will go away soon?

    Sayang. Ang bilis pa naman ng streaming ko, hehe.
  2. lordmight

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    No fairly not, quick question, to what server you are testing? Is it the server hosted by someone under the backbone of pldt?
  3. motion55

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    It's a fluke that once in a while happens to everyone. While you're getting that speed, don't ever complain about anything to PLDT or they will fix it.
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  4. I just went with recommended server. Says here, yes, it's PLDT. But even without speedtest, I have a DU meter program, and that's where I first saw the speed spike.

    Ah, so it does happen. Alright, thanks for telling me. I was starting to think na mas bibilis pa sana ang internet, hehe.

    But I guess I'll just make the best of it while it lasts. Definitely not telling them about it, if it's not an upgrade.

    Thanks again guys. :)

    EDIT: Just tested a server in Hong Kong. Speed is normal when I do it with them.
  5. lordmight

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    Always remember that when you want to know the "real" speed of your connection, use servers outside of the PLDT backbone, and always remember that most of the websites and services you access thru internet are outside the vicinity of Philippines. :)
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  6. Thanks. I'll be sure to remember that. ^^
  7. rossh

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    Yes. Its very easy for the ISP to configure his network into two systems. The internal one - all of PLDT, with fantastic speed, and external - the internet, with what ever they choose to configure that for.

    Testing against the PLDT based server you get the internal speed. Testing to other outside servers, you get a measure of the real world working speed of your connection. But other limits usually apply to actual traffic, to give you the "working" speed they allow..

    All ISP's use traffic and network management appliances. These control how fast you can actually surf and the working speed you receive on each type of traffic. The configuration is up to each ISP, the internet package type, traffic type (make speed test look good, throttle all else), etc, and can range from no speed limit to dead useless speeds.

    We are under the control of the configurations they choose to use.

  8. But what I find interesting is that I got the 6mbps figure from my download meter, as well as the measurements on my torrenting client. So what I don't understand is why it's only 3mbps on a speed test, but 6mbps for a "live" download.
  9. motion55

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    The internet is not a point source. There is no one speed test server that will tell your "true" speed. The speed is also dependent on the source and the path the packets take from the source to your PC. Most of that path is not even under the control of the ISP. Running a torrent download from a highly seeded torrent is probably the closest you can get of a "true" speed test.
  10. rossh

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    Different kinds of traffic, different sources. The speed test might be internal network (unrestricrted). The torrent is very much a multiple concurrent connections, so each single connection part might only be able to do 1 Mbps, but all together they add up to 6Mbps.

    Or it might just have been temporary, while the ISP re-configures some system wide settings, and normal restrictions didn't apply. Or perhaps some of 10+ peering / transit connections the ISP uses, are not all configured the same. The list of possibilities is endless. The bottom line is almost everything is limited for speed in some way by configuration, and it just depends on ISP policy and cheapness, as to what you get.

  11. Over a year later, and I'm still at 6MBs, lol. I checked out their site. It looks like they made it official, because this "Famplan 999" that I didn't see before is said to go up to 5MB. It also says the DSL service is paid separately from the landline, which is exactly what our arrangements are. 999+700. Well, mystery solved. :)

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