DSL/Cable suggestion for Maybunga, Pasig City

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by france, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. I am moving to maybunga, pasig tomorrow and will have no internet for the time being. I would like to ask for advice from anyone in the same area. What is a good dsl/cable provider for Maybunga, Pasig?
  2. jantizon

    jantizon Member

    GlobeDSL with their new packages... but as of this writing, the speed is not as fast as its advertised speed due to the earthquake damage.
  3. KennethM

    KennethM Guest

    Lahat naman ng DSL Subscribers affected ng earthquake na yun eh. :lol:

  4. bump*

    still don't know what dsl or cable to go with. pldt? baka mortal sin yun eh. destiny cable ok daw ba sa pasig maybunga area? out of the question kasi globe, may malaking kargada. past record ng previous tenant with globe. kaya yun can't apply.
  5. mish

    mish Member

    Given a choice between PLDT and Destiny, I'd go with PLDT. That's not saying much, because it's like you're being reduced to 2 non-choices, but that just goes to show how much I don't like Destiny.

  6. hehehe okay :) thanks :)
  7. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    pwede ka siguro magtanong tanong sa mga kapitbahay mo na meron pldt dsl kung ok, then kung ok go for it...
  8. Nette

    Nette Member

    I'd like now to switch from Globe to PLDT due to the former's degrading services (long/unreliable response after on-site visit, measly monthly data volume capping, double NAT/high latency/private IP only (10.xx.xx.xx)/DDNS-port forward prohibited, 60-80% achieved speed, unreliable connection during rainy day). I'm planning to avail the half deal (50%) promo of myDSL plan 999 or 1995. I'd like to know here in C. Raymundo, Maybunga, Pasig the following items:
    1. still unlimited or with regular monthly or daily volume capping
    2. getting dynamic public IP address (120.xx.xx.xx or 180.xx.xx.xx) in order to access my router, IP camera and VPN
    3. DDNS/port forwarding still possible
    4. reliable on-site service
    5. achieving transmission rate 90% of subscribed speed/plan

    Applied also FIBR plan which includes our area in their website but I was informed
    that there is no facility near our area (Stella Maris/Geronimo Subdivision)

    Hoping to get some Maybunga subscriber residents for the above inquiries. Thanks.

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