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  1. About Leasedline w/ Internet Service - the bandwidth is exclusively for your company once you share it among 10 pc at the same time. It can provide a throughput of 100kbps per PC, fast enough to conduct your day to day business either online and inquiries.

    Moreover, a DSL service can burst up to 3 or 4 mb. It has a public i.p wherein all users in the internet tried to access. It also have a "committed information rate" (CIR) at 100kbps for the network. Assuming all 10 computers are being used, it will give a CIR of 10kbps each for each PC. Without this CIR the internet bandwidth could register a zero (0) speed.

    Please be informed that our Greendot website via http://greendot.com.ph/ is no longer updated. For more details please contact our Greendot Support Team at 815-9961 or email us via crm@ptt.net.ph. Thank you

    Greendot CSD Team
  2. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    so via DSL ang leaseline nyo?
  3. klyster

    klyster Member

    The other way around... this is somewhat the same with PLDT Brain IP-VPN
  4. josekym

    josekym Member


    So 1Mbps lang max niyo for the LL? Is that service available in Baguio?
  5. nagimasen

    nagimasen Member

    ok kaya ito sir sa baguio?? mukang hirap yan 1mb sa 20 units??..

  6. Yest it is. Guys, our service is not feasible in Baguio

  7. Nope, we can offer up to 4mbps or more....
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    just like PLDT IPVPN? eh di ba site to site VPN lang yun?

    hindi internet access?

    so anung access tail nyo? copper wire? fiber? wireless? etc
  9. klyster

    klyster Member

    Sir pag IPVPN may access sa outside world, managed ng PLDT Brains. PLDT-VPN ang wala...
  10. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    ah ok.. kasi may word ng VPN.. hehehe eh nag ok naman si mokong..

    BRAIN lang via Frame Relay

    so Frame Relay gamit nila? hmmm eh yun sagot nya.. di ko alam kung alin dun sinagot nya...hehehehe
  11. klyster

    klyster Member

    Oo nge hehehe... Yep frame relay sya sir... Ginawa yun para sa mga offshore branches ng ilang mga clients nila... Mas mura kasi ang ganung solution...

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