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Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by manggagatong, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I would like to ask a question I have failed to search for in the forums (or maybe di ko lang nahanap).

    Recently I am having very intermittent connections. Di naman disconnect. Its just intermittent like stop - go - stop - go ... This irritating thing happens within through the day (24 hours).

    It doesn't allow me to play online games anymore (for example with WoW my pings jump to 2k ms whereas 2 months ago it hasn't done this to me). Whenever I try online gaming I sometimes "freeze", then suddenly its either i have died or my opponent is dead ...

    However, I can download torrrents with speeds up to 170kbps naman.

    It also takes a while to load up some sites now.

    When I do a tracert to the free server i connect to play WoW, I get a lot of dropped packets, while my cousin who lives 2 streets away doesn't have this problem. To add to the injury, my cousin only has a 995 plan but his speeds (shown when doing a tracert) is faster against mine (plan 3000) by a factor of 2!

    Can anyone help shed light? >.<


    PS. I have the small Zyxel P-600 modem, at Linksys WRT300N router, and a supposedly fast Excel account >.< which degraded since 2 months ago and I fear PLDT tech cannot solve the problem
  2. pektong

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    araw arawin mo sila ehehe... ako kelan lang nagawa yung connection ko 1week to be exact pero ako almost 2mos din yung problema ko...

  3. That's my exact same problem right now.

    What I noticed is that the culprit is the noise margin downstream from the DSL modem. At certain times of day, or at least most of the time, when it drops below 6db -- that's when the sync issues happen.

    Connected naman ako, pero sobrang bagal, or stop go and stop go.

    There are times naman na yung noise margin ko nasa 7 to 11db, and everything is fine. Then pagbumagal na, I'll notice 4db na yun. Turning off the modem for a few minutes and turning it on again will let me play again for a while, pero, babalik ulit.

    It's really annoying and makes online gaming almost impossible. When this happens, I just pull out my 3G broadband dongle from work (testing units, since I work for a telco) and use that until PLDT stabilizes again.

    Unfortunately, at my end, wala pang solution. I already created a direct connection from the main source (new line) to the modem, put filters on all extensions (double filters pa), put the modem on its own AVR, made sure the phone cable is less than 3 meters, put the modem away from possible noise sources such as PCs, AVRs, etc. Same problem.
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    i assumed you're referring to * in your tracert test and by the "speed" you're referring to the latency i.e. yours is taking twice as long as your cous', ganun ba? it's hard to conclude and say it's your ISP's fault agad. if you would observe your traceroute, it might be that the dropped packets on some hops may not be part of your ISP's responsibility. and no reply or * on tracert doesn't necessarily mean a connection problem especially if you see a response on the next hop. remember some servers are configured not respond to pings w/c is what you're basically doing with tracert. it might help to post your exact traceroute results here to be analyzed by other members and might be able to advice you.

    the difference between your connection and your cousin most likely lie on the different routes taken by your connections. if your IP isn't on the same range as his, most likely pangit yung route ng sayo at nagkataon ok sa kanya. in which case, you can only hope you'll be assigned a different IP thus a different and hopefully better route next time you connect.

    one last thing, napansin ko din yung pangit na connection to US lately with my smartBRO (same backbones as pldt). mataas nga ping sa mga servers, that might actually explain your problem connecting to WoW servers based in US. but on my part, its erratic minsan ayus naman. :wink:
  5. edching908

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    They have not been solving this problem. I also have this problem. Right now, even my 32 kbps streams of online radio couldn't get steady, especially if its based in the States. They should announce this, rather than keep it a secret, so the others will not worry. On my part, I've been calling their attention on this everyday now since the Olympics ended last Sunday.

  6. To those who took the time to answer,

    I haven't had this problem since only 2 months ago.

    Mabait naman yung PLDT. They gave me a call an actually came to our house pa just to inspect. After talking with PLDT, here are the changes that we have done:

    1.) PLDT has replaced my modem.
    2.) PLDT has rewired my line.
    3.) PLDT has changed my node (as they say)
    4.) I have rewired my line within the house.
    5.) Tried changing routers but still the same thing.
    6.) Tried changing LAN cards but still the same thing.

    Before this incident I would have a constant 450ms in the WoW server I play at which is located in Florida. Also, before this incident, I can get results of 2.2mbps down and 500kbps up from the QC node at Speedtest.net. Of course I get much better results from the Makati Node which is by PLDT.

    However, now, I get only 330kbps down and 140kbps up from the QC node while still showing the super rates i get from the Makati Node. I also only register to around 140kbps speed from utilities.globequest.com.ph ...

    I have also tried to bring my whole system within 20ft of the landline "abang" which still provides no reprieve.

    And with regards to the tracert thing, the first four results i have are 2x slower than my cousins and all these are still within part of PLDT.

    I had better stuff going on for me when I was still PPPOE.

    hayzzzzzz ...


  7. Amen. Same exact problem like most.

    It's only the past few months that things have gone this bad. Replacing the modem, the lines, and whatnot haven't done anything to solve it.

    Solution? Move out of the country?
  8. audiosoul

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    Huh? Is it really that bad? I am also experiencing this and I thought the fault is within my network connection or my router. Now, the trouble has been harder to "shoot".

    What could be the reason? Do we really have to live like this?
  9. pektong

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    ngn ba kayo? ako kasi ang last resort nila is from ngn nilipat nila ako to ipdslam. palit din ulit ng number pero ok naman ang dsl ko for 1week na...

    ginawa rin nila sakin yan lahat at last resort nila is lipat ipdslam...

  10. Naku! akala ko I am alone.

    When I asked the PLDT guys if anyone else is experiencing my problem, they said nobody but me.


    Now it seems there are quite a few who are experiencing this problem.

    Anyways, thanks Pektong for that comment. I'll tell PLDT to try switching me to IPDslam na din and see if it works out ok.
  11. pektong

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  12. After calling 171 again for the nth time I got a call from PLDT makati last night around 8 pm.

    Again I had to tell her my problems and what has been done and etc.

    Ayon, sinabi na din niya na MAARI daw na San Juan Equips may damage or something. And as usual, they told me to "monitor" my connection.

  13. mossy

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    akala ko ako lang, ganyan din pala kau. but 2days na, nagstabilized ung line but the thing is, bumaba ang upload from 600+ down to 300+. ung download ko from 1.2mbps down to 900+. but stable ang conxtn. wlang DC whole day. kaya di na rin ako nagccomplain coz id give up speed vs. stable conxtn.

  14. Well well, what do you know?

    Last night I was surprised by my frantically fast connection. I left bittorrent to download 7 movie files, then went to the bathroom, then checked the torrents before I went to bed.

    wow ... 5 out of 7 were downloading at 80-90kbps while the other 2 were at 30-50kbps.

    This morning before work I tried surfing and voila ... ayos na ang aking conxnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    Salamat PLDT.

    In fairness to PLDT, ok naman yung mga CSR's nila as well as the follow up call I get after I complain ... and this happens all the time! I can't say for the same thing with my bayaw's office in pasig which subscribed to a diff broadband provider.

    Yahoooooooo la na dropped packets.
  15. edching908

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    Good for you to have your line fully normalized. I still have to normalize mine. How long does it take for you to wait for your connection to normalize? Here in Sta. Cruz- Tondo area, no such luck yet. I still get slower downloads than uploads during the waking hours, from 9AM to 12 midnight.
  16. pektong

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    bro, gano kalaki ang binagsak ng connection mo? 'di kaya talagang may problema ang pldt ngayon at siyempre negosyo ayaw nilang sabihin kahit aware na sila sa problema?
  17. ffdeguzman

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    heard that they are doing some upgrading of network links at affected mostly ang GMM areas including Cebu. Hope they can complete asap.
  18. edching908

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    Normally during 9AM to midnight , i have higher download than upload. But these past few weeks, its the opposite. Yun lang. They never told me it was due to network update, and I asked them if it was about that, they didn't know about it.

  19. @edching88
    I had to make kulit for 2months almost every other day or every 3 days ... then finally they got me back to normal. In the course of everything madami din nangyari like inayos yung line, rewired, changed modems, changed splitters, etc.

    I really don't know what attributed to the normalization of my speed.
  20. pektong

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    ^bro, kuha ka ng rebate kasi sakin nakakuha ako ng rebate for 51 days almost P1,200 nakuha kong rebate at plan 990. sayo baka mas mataas pa yan dahil mas mataas ang plan mo...

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